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Hello! Welcome to my channel! I am Kristina,
your Russian teacher. In our first lesson we will learn the Russian alphabet.
The Russian alphabet comprises 33 letters. 10 of them are vowels, which you
can see in red and 21 are consonants, which are in blue. The hard sign and the soft
sign do not represent any sounds. The vowel letter е can sometimes be used
instead of the letter ё. So you may be surprised by the appearance of, let’s say, this adjective.
In Russian ё is sometimes indicated without two dots above it. So how do we pronounce
the above-mentioned adjective? Could it be the following: ♫? Certainly not! Whatever
its spelling is, we pronounce it this way – ♫. It can be difficult for learners
of Russian as a foreign language to distinguish these letters in print, but let me tell you
about the solution to this difficulty. If it is uncertain which word carries which letter
and sound, look it up in a dictionary. In dictionaries there is a distinction between
every е and ё. Sounds and letters are not the same. Sounds
are things that we can pronounce and perceive with the ear. Letters are the graphic representations
of sounds. We can see and write letters. In the case of Russian, for example, its sounds
are unequal in number with their graphic representations. There are 33 letters that consist
of six vowel sounds and 36 consonant sounds. The sounds of nearly all letters in
the Russian alphabet will be the subject of our next lessons. Now, let’s turn to the
letters of the Russian alphabet, and nouns that are made up of them. а – aрбу́з ‘watermelon’ б – бараба́н ‘drum’ в – велосипе́д ‘bicycle’ г – гара́ж ‘garage’ д – до́ждь ‘rain’ е – ель ‘spruce’ ё – ёж ‘hedgehog’ ж – жёлудь ‘acorn’ з – зонт ‘umbrella’ и – игру́шка ‘toy’ й – йо́га ‘yoga’ к – ключ ‘key’ л – ле́бедь ‘swan’ м – ма́ска ‘mask’ н – но́жницы ‘scissors’ о – ого́нь ‘fire’ п – пила́ ‘saw’ р – ру́чка ‘pen’ с – снежи́нка ‘snowflake’ т – та́нец ‘dance’ у – ули́тка ‘snail’ ф – футбо́лка ‘T-shirt’ х – холм ‘hill’ ц – цыплёнок ‘chick’ ч – чемода́н ‘suitcase’ ш – шар ‘balloon’ щ – щено́к ‘puppy’ ъ, ы, ь э – экскава́тор ‘excavator’ ю – ю́бка ‘skirt’ я – я́блоко ‘apple’ Mission accomplished! Now you are familiar
with the letters of the Russian alphabet. I wish you well!

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