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RUSSIAN Alphabet – New Friends Letters. Part 3/4

RUSSIAN Alphabet – New Friends Letters. Part 3/4

Russian alphabet the third group of
letters new friends hello people who study Russian and who don’t give up last
time we talked about the first group of rational at letters and the second today
I’m going to talk about the third group of letters of Russian letters which is
called new friends this group is called new friends because it looks they look
new for you and they sound quite new for you sometimes even for me okay so we
have only 9 but actually it’s me it’s more than in previous group sorry anyway
we have new we have 9 letters in this group and as you remember the secret of
learning Russian alphabet my secret is every Russian letter has its own short
sound and we study these sounds we study these short sounds because you want to
read you want to start reading Russian okay so let’s begin now I’m going to
represent each letter from this group with its short sound with examples from
English okay so the first letter is but but but like you say in book the next
good good like you saying great great good
next the dog dog okay this is it’s it’s an interesting letter because some of
them might might think might think that it’s it’s number 3 but it’s it’s a
letter it’s Russian letter 0 like in 0z ok e meat meat e ok next
oh look love it’s easy ok Park Park ok like you saying foot foot
ok and the last one the 9th is a a Apple hey hey hey Apple ok so we had we
already had nine of them all of now I want to give you some example so
now I want to give you some examples with this letters in some sentences okay
oh no it’s not sentences words I’m going to give you some words with this letter
some story okay so the first one is buried I like this word breathe but yet
which is bullshit or maybe grave I found something like Raven I don’t know maybe
you leave a comment about this okay breathe
Zuber a bison bison Russian bison super grip and mushroom good grip mushroom
next one reef reef no comments the same as an English reef or Russian each reef
okay next one this is rainy rainy at the ocean wasn’t Lamia Iranian eyesight or
vision eyesight Iranian yeah yeah yeah okay okay and now some sentences with
this words okay so and I want to ask you try to translate these sentences into
English okay that would be a good practice for you working with the
dictionary okay so the first yeah nice oubliette cardigan right the
problem must be ya hu which Muslim cogs uber which I’m open yet mmm-hmm my user
in you choice hey hey here at Ministry new loosely mm-hmm new year should grip
on a person okay okay so we already had some examples we had some new letters
from the third group of Russian letters which is called new friends there are
nine of them and I just want you to learn these sounds maybe if you need
play this video again and learn them aye-aye-aye divided all the letters
into four groups specially for you to make it easier to easier to learn and
the next video I’m going to I’m going to talk about the last the last group of
letters which is called strangers we are going to talk about completely new
letters for you and then I’m planning to to talk about handwriting and writing
and then reading finally reading so I hope you like this video maybe give me a
like yes ok and see you next time thank you for watching bye don’t forget to hit
like and share – hasta this video

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