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RUSSIAN Alphabet – False Friends Letters. Part 2/4

RUSSIAN Alphabet – False Friends Letters. Part 2/4

learning Russian alphabet part 2 don’t
miss it hello Russian learners and today we we
continue learning Russian letters because somebody here wants to start
reading Russian and as we already know from the previous video there are 33
letters in Russian alphabet and we divided all these letters into four
groups and last time we talked about the the first group which is called true
friends and there are five letters and today we are going to talk about false
friends we have seven of them and this group is called false friends because
the letters they look like English letters but sound different so it might
be very confusing okay now if you remember the secret is every Russian
letter has its own short sound it also has its all own name but we need only
sounds now I’m going to represent every each each letter from this group false
friends with a short sound and you need to learn it and of course I’m going to
give some English examples of sounds ok so let’s begin the first letter is but
like in voice but almost the same voice and that the second one yeah yeah like
you say yes yes it’s easy next and I’m sorry
number number almost the same ah next one like in road or yeah and so on Road
but a bit softer mm-hmm next one salt like in salt absolutely
the same I think and next letter is Oh like you say Zoom Zoom
Oh okay and last one like in hat liking hat
okay so one one more time what voice yeah yes number Road s salt zoom and hat
okay that were the seven seven letters from these groups all friends it’s easy
to learn it yes right and now the most interesting part I want to play with the
sounds making or some Russian short words and simple simple and short words
and you might know that my Toriyama or you already might know that I’m sorry
okay and I also I will also give some examples some sentences with this words
in Russian and I want you to search this tool to listen to these examples and
maybe translate them to English into English and write in comments okay I
will be happy to get to see that and check it ok so the first example is the
first word yeah yeah yeah yes Nerva English nervous mmm next one vroom
vroom vroom is a liar it’s very person who lies it’s not me and next yes yes
yes yes oh wait oh wait yes next one Sierra Sierra yeah Oh Sara which is
faith which is faith here so we all need faith
okay last one cosmos cosmos chaos man odds which is space or cosmos the same
as in Russian okay and now some sentences with these words that I want
you to translate in comments okay my Amir when if period came my Amir when if
period came next yeah new room a news room
woman yeah yes – Negus Negus name welcome in the East Asian envious but I
Vera those no beautiful card until I became a Viera and those noble custom
chicken and the last one of course Monsieur hold the cat receive of course
Monsieur hold macaque Roisin okay that’s it that’s it
and next next time I am going to talk about the third the next group which is
called new friends yes new friends and there are nine new letters for you and I
hope I hope you liked this video maybe you may like and also and also yes
that’s it that’s it so if you need to to listen to the sounds again soldier just
watch this video again and learn the sounds the right short sounds and that’s
it that’s it okay thank you for watching hope to see you
next time bye don’t forget to hit like and share Raja rooster this video

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