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Russian Alphabet Explained | Russian Comprehensive

Russian Alphabet Explained | Russian Comprehensive

Today we’ll talk about the Russian alphabet, and learn how to pronounce the
Russian letters. Here’s a picture of the Russian alphabet, it came up in the
very beginning of my google search. You might already know that in Russia, people
use the Cyrillic script. Some letters may look familiar to you,
others may not, but in general, I’d advise you to TRY TO NOT COMPARE the Cyrillic
alphabet to the Latin one, just try to switch your thinking to learning
something completely new! The Russian alphabet has 33 letters. 10 of them are
vowels. Here, in this picture the vowels are red. And there are two letters that
send out, the Hard Sign and the Soft Sign. Today they don’t have any sound,
only a specific function, though they used to be vowels around 100 years ago.
They both can follow only a consonant, they kind of play the role of an
apostrophe, separating one part of a world from another, only the soft sign
also makes consonants soft. I’ll give you some examples later. Now look at the
alphabet, please, and repeat after me. А – Б – В – Г – Д – Е (repeat: Е) – Ё – Ж – З. The
following two letters look very much alike, only the red one is a vowel – И – (in
Russian, “И” also means “and”, the same as in Spanish.
The blue one is a consonant, it’s called “The Short I”. It sounds as [Й]. You can say a
person doing yoga right next to it, so it sounds kind of the same as in the
beginning of the word “yoga” – [й]. The next several letters sound pretty much like
in the Latin alphabet: К – Л – М – Н – О – П – Р – С – Т – У – Ф – Х – Ц – Ч (repeat: Ч) – Ш (repeat: Ш) – Щ (repeat: Щ)
the Hard sign – Ы – the Soft sign – Э – Ю – Я. In Russian, “Я” also means “I” (me). There’s a saying: when you keep saying: “Я… я… я…” (“I… I… I…”),
don’t forget that “Я” is the last letter in the alphabet. Great job! You
didn’t great reading the Russian alphabet! In the next video, we’ll look
deeper into pronunciation of some letters. I want to give you a little
advice on how you can remember the Russian alphabet better. Read the first
three letters: А – Б – В. Then the next three: Г – Д – Е.
Take as much time as you need to remember them. Then try to read the whole line: А – Б – В – Г – Д – Е. Do the same with
the next line: Ё – Ж – З. And then the next three letters: И –
Й – К. And then the whole line together:
Ё – Ж – З – И – Й – К. Then try to read the first and the second lines
together, and move on the same way till the end of the alphabet. They say,
the more times you repeat, the better you remember. Or, as they say in Russia, “повторЕние – мать учЕния”. I’m sure if you follow this advice,
you’ll become much more familiar with the Russian alphabet!

5 Replies to “Russian Alphabet Explained | Russian Comprehensive”

  • Anton De Bruin says:

    Great job. Very informative!

  • Russian to the world says:

    Clearly explained 👍

  • Russian Comprehensive says:

    0:41 – Ъ and Ь
    1:15 – Alphabet А to З
    1:31 – И and Й
    2:03 – К to Я
    3:10 – an advice on How you can remember the Russian Alphabet better

    * Some letters are repeated twice

    TRANSCRIPT to the video: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/russian-alphabet-video-volha-misurahina/

  • Ann Onymous says:

    Spoiler alert: Most Russian letters which are not the same as latin are Greek. The remainder are Hebrew or variants of Hebrew to account for sounds in Russian which are not in you guessed it Greek, Latin, or Hebrew.
    You are divinely beautiful.

  • Isra Kurniawan says:

    Let me put this way
    Сa = sa
    Цa = tsa
    Шa = Sha
    Щa = Sya

    Am i correct?

    Well, i am an indonesian, our way to said vocals words are the same way with Russian, like "A" instead of "Ei", y is U instead of "yu" in english and so on.

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