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[RUN BTS] ep.86 Hangul Day#1 l [달려라방탄] 86화 한글날 특집#1 (ENG)

[RUN BTS] ep.86 Hangul Day#1 l [달려라방탄] 86화  한글날 특집#1 (ENG)

Hi~I’m Flower Tempo! Guys. RUN BTS started with a new season! I always filmed the RUN BTS reaction video. I haven’t seen the video yet because I don’t have time to take a reaction. So I’m going to watch these videos today! In the meantime, so many series have been uploaded. Let’s look at these videos. Oh! Did you see that? The members left the country this time! There’s a video of them leaving the country. Did you see Jungkook’s hairstyle? OMG I didn’t see the details because of the hat. I’ll post the picture for you. Look at the picture. He dyed hair end only. I heard that two-ton color is in vogue this year. J-Hope dyed hair bridge, too. And me too. I thought the two-ton color would be in fashion this year. I know thought Retro style is coming. But I never thought Jungkook would dye his hair like this. I can’t wait to see his hairstyle. Where did they leave? What did they leave for? I don’t know… I can’t wait to see his hairstyle. Always Jungkook’s hair style hasn’t changed much. Dyeing has always been a normal color. But recently he dyed his hair red and grew his hair. Recently, hairstyles have changed a lot. I like it because he seems to try various styles these days. As far as I know, the RUN BTS videos were filmed while Jungkook was growing his hair. I’m so excited! Because when Jungkook grows his hair, he’s on vacation, so he doesn’t have many videos. But I’m looking forward to seeing the process through RUN BTS. I will be able to see his puppy-like figure a lot. And BON VOYAGE will come out soon. Did you see the trailer? Jungkook, who grew his hair, was driving. I paid after watching the video. I have to watch the season to see his long hair. And there was something I really wanted. Members often wear hair bands. Especially Yoon Gi and Taehyung. But Jungkook has never seen him wear a hair band. I’ve wanted to see Jungkook wearing a hair band for some time. But in the trailer of BON VOYAGE, I saw his wearing a hairband! How did you know I wanted to see? You’re so… I think we hit it off. I’m still playing BTS WORLD. I got a message from Jungkook. He said, “I think we’re getting along well.” “We hit it off.” He told me this. That was an event. I got that message yesterday! As expected, we’re hit it off! Anyway, let’s go see RUN BTS. If you’re here for the first time, please press the “subscribe” and “like.” Let’s see. Long time no see. ‘The place’ Dr. Min That’s gonna be hard. That’s hard. It’s a habit. Maybe they won’t talk. That’s hard. It will be hard to talk without using English. We play a lot of alcohol games that. I always lost. It was dangerous. That’s what I’m saying. It’s not our culture. Cute. Have that in Korean? Achoo. ‘Are u OK?’ ……. It’s stopped. What… What spit? A-choo. That can’t be the answer. We don’t have that culture. Speaking a lot of English. What? like a curse. It’s too difficult. Jungkook wants one shot. Don’t you mean that? You look old, don’t you mean that? They are speaking English a lot. I don’t know. I didn’t watch the video. Only Jimin doesn’t know. Cute. Be spaced out? blank? Keep it in check. Seok-jin looks so young. He’s nice. I’ve never heard of it before. I’ve heard of it. I was shocked, too. I guess Nam-Jun knows the answer. Hardly? lonely Secretly Jungkook day. Look at Jimin’s face. open sky? February? February?March? Oh..JIMIN… difficult.. Muloreum month.. I think that’s the answer. Muloreum month..What number? I think Muloreum month is correct answer. Right? I’m right. TMI. I love you like sky and the land? No? You think it’s right? Ocean? I thought it was sky and land. HoHyungHoJae. N,N,D,O? U and I… U and I blah, blah, blah. I guess what Yoon-gi wrote earlier is the answer. I think Yoon-gi wrote the correct answer. Neo Na Deul E. Ppigang? What’s that? I’m from Gyeongsang-do. I’ve never heard that before. I know ‘Cheonjippikkari’. Ppigang? What’s that? Ah… It was a chick! Too easy? July? My birthday is July. I don’t know that? Il gop dal. It’s plausible. Wow, that’s a real shock. You can’t just change it. waist? A belly fat? It’s amazing. What? I didn’t see it. Everyone is so cute. Oh my, what do we do. The language of Jeju is like a foreign language. Isn’t that ‘pretty’? I think I’ve heard this. Right. That’s mean “beautiful and pretty”? Yoon-gi is so funny today. trust…trust… I think that’s what it means ‘trustworthy’. They’re quick-witted. Yoon-gi is so funny. Only three? Me, too. Du Ru. Today’s video is so broken. My laptop is in bad shape these days. I think laptop life is up. Du ru! I think Nam-Jun is the first place. Who is it?
They’re sweeping it up. I missed this so much. I’ve been listening to ‘Idol’ often. I hear this one felt different. I missed this version. I’m so happy to see RUN BTS after a long time. It’s been a while since they filmed it, so the tension is good. Thank you for watching my video today. I’ll appreciate it if you press the “SUB” and “LIKE” button before you go. See you next time.

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  • NumbersAndSports says:

    To wake up and see your smile on the front page of my youtube just made my day, lol. Can't wait to watch this video!

  • kamari says:

    I love your reactions! Thank you so much for your hard work translating this. Even though you said in a previous video that you get frustrated while doing that, you do very well and I’m able to understand perfectly! I look forward to more videos from you

  • 토끼와호랑이 says:

    옷 저도 생일 7월이에요 근데 영상중에 이것도 그렇고 찌지직 소리가 나요

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