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Hi everybody and welcome to Steve’s Kitchen. Today I am going to show you a very basic royal icing recipe, ever so simple to make. it’s great for icing over cookies and
cakes and sets hard and we’ve got you see over my shoulder there a pumpkin. We’ve got Halloween coming up and I’ll be using this icing for decorating the tops of cookies and
maybe a few other things so I’ll put my subscription button down here
this will be in the kitchen basic section, ther’s loads of other recipes there
stay in touch Here’s how you make the royal icing. first of all let’s take one egg white into a bowl I’ve just broke the egg and I’m going to tip the
yolk from side to side this is the best way I can find for getting the egg whites out. and then we can pop the egg yolk aside and I’m going to take 2 cups or 250 grams of icing sugar I’m
just shifting that through I’m not putting it all in at the moment, I’m going to keep about a third back for later, so shift all that in get all the lumps out ideally and once
it’s all in to the bowl I’m just going to put the third aside and take whisk and start
mixing that through now it will start to pull together and
become quite thick and there’ll come a point where the whisk is
going be no use at all because it really is to thick like that. Now it started to get
pretty firm so at this point I’ll take a wooden
spoon I’ll just get the bits off the whisk and start to
mix it through with the wooden spoon, we’ll just cream it together and it’s almost like a very
thick cream but you can see it’s too thin for icing at the moment,so I’m going to add about half of what I’ve got left of the icing sugar but I don’t think I’ll use it all for this particular mix and again start to mix that through with the wooden spoon until it’s all incorporated in, it really
is quite thick you will find that when your icing lines and designs you really want quite a
thick icing. This is so easy to do by hand it’s barely worth using a mixer as alot of people do. Now you
can see here it’s lovely and thick it standing up now on the spoon quite
nice that’s ideal There you have it and I haven’t used all of the
icing sugar I’ve kept some of that aside and let’s just cover it now with a
little bit to cling wrap get all the air out of it because I won’t be using this
straightaway and that will stop it from drying out. So guys a little tip here when you get round to
icing when you’re using the icing nozzles they
tend to dry out quite quickly, so to take a little bit of
damp kitchen towel and pop it in the glass and when you finished
between piping just pop that, stand it up on the wet towel and that’ll stop the icing
nozzle from drying out and the right consistency should be able to Pipe between two fingers
like this and the icing line won’t break that’s about ideal. Okay guys thank you very much for
watching I’ll see you shortly in the next video
now there’s a link here for a couple of videos There’s the lovely chicken tikka omelette I made as part of the series of three meals from one chicken and there’s a
delicious sticky gooey cinnamon bun so click on any of those videos if you like
guys and as always there’s the subscribe button there and I’d love to hear from you guys comments down below, take care and I’ll see
you shortly

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