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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin The Hostage Negotiator

ABCs storytelling is the game where each team will be given a scenario and characters that are going to act out that scene with sixty seconds on the clock So each line or dialogue will start with the next letter of the alphabet. Let’s find out what your scenario is. Gavin is the hostage negotiator in Texas. Number one! Number one hostage negotiator, and Lindsay is the international criminal who has taken an entire bank hostage and is making some very odd demands. I’m always typecast. With sixty seconds on the clock, we’re going to start with what letter? I Ready? Set? Go! I’m the number one hostage negotiator in Texas! Let those people go! Just give me everything I want, or everyone gets a bullet in the head. K! (laughter) Listen, I need 3 stuffed animals of all the original carebears! Monkey? No. Not monkey. Oh. (laughter) Possibly the lion one if you can find him, I know he was kind of the original because he was different than everybody else. That would be great. Quimmy is the name of the Lion. (Laughter) Right? Quimmy was the best one, he was fantastic. Sure was! Totally! Uvula. (laughter) In the back of your throat, how does it feel? Very sore right now. I’ve been yelling alot at these people and at you. I’m making alot of demands to them. I know they’re crying right now. Why? You know, um… I don’t know. (Laughter)

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