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Right-handed handwriting tips and advice

Right-handed handwriting tips and advice

That’s lovely writing, and I like the way
that you’ve angled your work uphill as a rightie, so well done on that. How comfortable is your hand when you’ve been
writing for a while? Comfortable? Good. Okay – I just want you to try something for
me. With your thumb, can you see if you can bring it back so you pinch the pencil with
your thumb and first finger and try and tuck the middle finger behind, like a shelf? That’s
it, bring the middle finger under like that, okay. Now can you try and write the same sentence,
but with the pinching grasp rather than the thumb-wrapping grasp? That would be great. Try not to squeeze the pencil too tightly…
that’s it. You’ve got quite bendy joints! How does that feel? Is it okay? Do you want
to keep writing? That’s it! I like the way you remembered to
keep the pinching grasp. Try not to get too close to the tip of the pencil, try and stay
on the painted part. Lovely! Your wrist is really nice and stable, you’re
keeping it on the paper and I like the way you’re keeping the paper still with the other
hand. Can you see what you’re writing? Good. So we changed your grip from what I call a
thumb-wrapping grasp to a nice tripod grasp, but try not to over-grip because you’ve got
white knuckles showing, so you need to just try and relax it, and maybe a little grip
might help to fatten the pencil barrel to stop you over-gripping. So now you’re not hyper-extending…oh…
try and put the middle finger behind… that’s it, now write. How does that feel? Is it okay
or is it uncomfortable? It’s okay? Keep going then, that’s lovely. Sometimes it takes a
while to get used to a different feeling of holding a pencil… “The quick brown…” Interesting, you’re not pressing so hard now.
So that’s taken a lot of the tension out of the grip. And well done for keeping the paper
in the right position. So much more relaxed, and definitely not pressing so hard now! A
real difference there. Once this child went on to the grip you can
see by the pressure of her writing how she’s pressing very very hard without the grip,
and the minute she went onto the grip you can see the pressure is much, much lighter,
which means it’s not going to be such hard work for the hand muscles when writing, which
is really important because as you get older you’re going to have to write for much, much
longer, so the earlier you intervene, the better.

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