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Rich The Kid Talks Living With Migos & Being The “Best Skater” | What’s Ur Thing | Fuse

Rich The Kid Talks Living With Migos & Being The “Best Skater” | What’s Ur Thing | Fuse

I can’t skateboard. But you just broke it. I’m not trying to
break nothing else. I’ve seen videos
of you skateboarding where you was
doing some wild stuff. Nah, I can’t skateboard. Pull the tape up!
Y’all got the tape? There’s no screen
here, Rich. [laughter] It’s a window. I was trying
to show them… No, that’s New York City
back there. That’s not a television set. Pull the tape up! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
to the show,What’s Ur Thing?My name is Cipha Sounds.
This is where we talk to my favorite celebrities
and your favorite celebrities about their passions,
obsessions, and hobbies. Today we got Rich the Kid
talking about his love of skateboarding. Ladies and gentlemen,
plug walkin’ to the table, Mr. Rich the Kid. [upbeat music] ♪♪ Haha! What’s up? What’s goin’ on? Rich the Kid, thank you so
much for being here, man. -Thanks, man.
-I’m a big fan. What’s- what’s going on
with your hand there? Damn, I damn broke-
broke- broke this. You broke your hand? -Yeah.
-Skateboarding? -No.
-Oh. I was on a ATV. Oh. Motorized skateboard. -Yeah.
-Wow. Alright. You know what?
This is good that you’re here because I want to
talk about your thing, but the network has me
under a lot of pressure to actually ask about, like,
other things in your life, like music and whatever.
So I gotta get to that first. Okay. Okay. So you are a rapper. Yeah, that’s what they say. You were living with the Migos
when you first started? Yeah, I was living with them
for a little bit. In a house or the–
is that the trap house? Yeah, the trap house. You were living
in the trap house? Yeah, trap house. You were living
in the trap house. Yeah, I was living
in the trap house. [sighs] Trap houses
are never good. Why won’t trappers… Move out
the trap house? No, like, make
their trap houses look nice. Sometimes they ain’t got
the means to make it look nice. I mean,
you could go to IKEA and get a couple of
nice pieces of furniture and have your trap house– -IKEA?!
-Yeah. That’s where all the thotties
get they stuff. [laughs] So trappers
don’t go to IKEA? No, trappers
ain’t go to IKEA. How was, uh–
how was Migos as roommates? Horrible. All of them? All three of them? -Uh-huh. Horrible.
-Like, is there one– is one of them at least neat?
Like one of– like, is Quavo
always yelling? We all– ’cause we
all is not neat so… Nobody? It’s, like, bando style. [laughs] We didn’t want
to come to the crib. Nobody had OCD? None of us. No. You never had
this old cleaning lady that comes in the trap house? Cleaning lady? Yeah, a cleaning lady. Cleaning lady? Yeah, a cleaning lady. Like 1-800-CLEAN? Sure. Is that a real thing? Do you use that? No, not me. Should we start that? 1-800-CLEAN. -Yeah.
-Down. [blips] I clean the trap house fast. [laughs] Look out. It actually would
be a good business. With strippers though. Huh? What? No, I’m not
even bulls—-ing. This is a good idea. -Hold on. -Yeah. -We get strippers
-to clean …during the daytime,
to clean trap houses. Yes. We– yo, nobody steal that. Your trap house
will be cleaned. We starting our LLC. It’s gonna be
Rich the Ciph… And cleaning trap
houses near you. [blips] Oh, that’s a good idea. No doubt. Wait, hold on.
Are you making… Are you making this joke
because I’m Puerto Rican? -What?
-Okay. -What is, uh–
-Ralphie! What?
Who’s Ralphie? He’s Puerto Rican. Ralphie’s Puerto Rican?
Where’d you find him? [laughs]RALPHIE:
I’m Dominican.
Oh, he’s Dominican. [laughs] Rich, do you think Dominicans
and Puerto Ricans are the same? No! Oh, man. [laughter] We’re very different.
Ralphie doesn’t wear socks. [laughter] Yo, listen. What’s up
with the label? Yeah, that’s the label,
Rich Forever. Rich Forever, you signed
one of my favorite artists. BOTH:
Jay Critch.CIPHA:
I’m a little late though.
I’ll be honest with youbecause I’ve been
more on my comedy —-
than my music stuff, but– Oh, man. No, I’m on it now. -That kid is fire.
-Comedy? Yeah, I do comedy. -For real?
-Yeah. Like, comedians,
you know a lot–? I do standup comedy. No, I’m saying… What do you–
do you find comedians too? Yeah. Why?
You got somebody? No, I was just wondering
because we should do- we should do Rich Forever– -A comedy division.
-And I’d sign comedians. Yeah. I’ll be president though.
You’ll be CEO. [blips] Let me
think about that. What do you– why?
I don’t understand. You had no interest in
this two seconds ago. Now I’m already out? -Hold on.
-I’m out already? I’m making the trap clean.
Remember? Right. And now we’re gonna
do the comedian. I’m gonna be making you
too much money. [hip hop music] I– you know what
I don’t like about you? You keep saying “I” a lot while we keep
coming up with ideas and then he keeps going “I”. Oh, yeah.
Damn, my bad. So this Jay Critch kid,
you like him? He’s the hottest
in New York. Hottest. Fire. Who else is
the hottest New York? New York is not
doing it right now. Jay Critch! You got a lot of…
We used to be on fire. -Remember?
-Yeah. Remember back in the day
and then we lost it. -Jay Critch going in.
-Yeah. Brooklyn in the house. How do you like being
a boss of a label though? Does Jay Critch ever
come at you with, like, receipts from McDonald’s, like, “Yo, I need
reimbursement”? No, he got–
that boy got money. I know. How does he–
where does he get it from? I will try to learn
how to do that. Yo, he making cake.
Everybody makin’ big ol’ means. Right. Big ol’ means. [laughs] Brrrrrt! Well, do you have any other
artists you trying to sign? That I’m trying to sign? That you’re looking at
right now? I can’t tell you. You might try
to take them from me. Obviously
I don’t have any means to sign anyone
you’re looking at. Well, I still
wouldn’t tell you. It’s only hip hop artists? You ever talk
about signing, like, maybe like
a country artist or… -Country?
-Yeah. -Country?
-Yeah. You got any? No, I’m not gonna
tell you if I got any. I was just in Nashville though.
A lot of dope artists there. -For real?
-Yeah. -For real?
-Yeah. -What is that, Tennessee?
-Yeah. -Gangsta s–t?
-Yeah. -For real?
-No, country music. -Gangsta s–t?
-No. Oh. Damn! Your phone’s ringing. My bad. Yo, the Ghost is here. [crash] [laughter] RICH:
Damn. My bad. “My bad”? You threw your own phone
to the floor. It’s your bad. Ladies and gentlemen,
uh, Rich the Kid is here. The show’s called
What’s Ur Thing?
What’s Ur Thing?
-Right. And I like to talk to people
about their, like, kind of like the passion
and obsession, right? I heard yours
is skateboarding. No.
[laughs] No? Okay, because I was–
I have this many cards. RICH:
They lied to you. I have this many questions
about skateboarding. -Damn!
-Yeah, so we shouldn’t… No, I like skateboarding.
It’s cool. Yeah. Is there any way you connect your music
to your skateboarding? -To my skateboarding?
-Yeah. Is there any connection
where you feel like how you do in the studio
the same way– is there like a freedom? Maybe you’re on a skateboard
and you’re just cruising. [chuckles]
And I’m just… Yeah, you just, like, [surf rock] ♪♪ Just cruising
down the block. That’s not
how I skateboard, bro. No. It’s more aggressive. [blows]
Yeah. And then what about
in the studio? [blows] See? Similar.
I knew it. I knew it’d be similar. Flames like
[mouth noise] Oh, that’s
an expensive mic. [laughter] It’s okay.
I’ll buy another one. I don’t like
that you can just buy stuff. You can’t buy me.
You can’t just buy my show. -But I could buy the mic.
-I know, but I feel like you’re– I don’t like that
you’re richer than me. I could buy the mic though. We’re going to figure out how
to get the actual real things out of people
on the show eventually. I used to- I used to
love skateboarding a lot, but you know, it’s still
a passion for me though. Yeah. You don’t
do it much anymore? No. I do music
and business. Right, and you can’t skateboard
when you do. Here, you know what?
Let me tell you something. My hand broke.
I can’t skateboard. Well you just broke it. I’m not trying to
break nothing else. I’ve seen videos
of you skateboarding where you was doing
some wild stuff. Nah, I can’t skateboard. Pull the tape up!
Y’all got the tape? There’s no screen here, Rich. [laughter] It’s a window. I was trying
to show them… No, that’s New York
City back there. That’s not a
television set. Pull the tape up!RICH:
Here I go.
CIPHA: I’ma tell you why
you broke your hand.
RICH: Oh, that’s not
how I broke my hand.
CIPHA: It probably
will be one day.
What do you think
about other- like, other rappers
you run into that skateboard? I’m the best skateboarder. Between who? All rappers. What about,
um, Pharrell?RICH: Yeah,
I’m better than him.
CIPHA: You’re better
than Pharrell?
He been doing it
way longer than you. Call him up. Do you like the song,
uh, “Kick, Push” by Lupe? RICH: Yeah, that was
one of my favorites. It’s the only
skateboard song I know. RICH:
Huh? It’s the only
skateboard song I know. Anybody else got
any skateboard songs? No? Okay. Damn. Ay, mama! [sirens from outside] Damn. This shit
is still going on? Yeah… Y’all shut the f–k up
out there. We trying to
do an interview! What about, um,
Tyler, the Creator? I’m better than him. Okay, Rich,
listen to me. I need to understand this. You don’t even
skateboard anymore. -You see the video?
-He’s always on a skateboard. You ain’t just
watched the video?! I could beat him
with my broken hand. Tyler, the Creator? I can beat him with
my broken hand. You heard that. What are you–
how you feel about Lil Wayne? Wasn’t he all big into
skateboarding for a while? He’s dope. -He’s good?
-He’s good. But you could beat him? Do you have, like,
skateboard battles ever? Is that- what’s–
do they have that? Yeah. -Like a battle?
-A competition. -Yeah.
-Yeah. You play for money though. Big racks. [laughs] Yes, sir. How do you win,
by not busting your face? You gotta– exactly. Perfect.
Perfect answer. You can–
is it possible that maybe you can
give the answers? Answer for what? For the questions.
[chuckles] See it.
Let me see the cards. -Alright, go ahead.
-I’ll ask you. Yeah, go ahead. There you go. [upbeat music] Okay. “What do you love [laughter] about being on the show?” -This show?
-Yeah. Oh, I love-
I love– I was doing comedy
for a long time and I miss
talking to rappers. Okay. So then I got this show so
I could talk to rappers again because I did it
for a long time. I’m very famous in New York.
I don’t know if you know. Okay.
[chuckles] [sad piano] How often do you
still skate? Yeah. I don’t skateboard.
I snowboard. -Oh, snowboard.
-You know what I’m saying? -Yeah.
-I don’t get snowboarding. Okay. Well, when you want to
grow up and be a real man and really hit them slopes, when you wanna
hit that fresh powder, when that snow
is dumping out in Aspen– It sounds
like something else. No, that’s different.
That’s different. No, this is not
trap house slopes. Hittin’ them slopes! -No, that’s different.
-The powder! [laughs] Listen, large mountains
of white, to me, is going up to Vermont
on a beautiful weekend hitting that Jay Peak,
you know what I’m saying? Just getting my powder on. That’s some trap
house clean s–t. Yeah. That’s
a different type of snow.What’s Ur Thing?[upbeat music] Rich the Kid,
this is Do the Damn Thing. This is the actual
part of the show where you do the thing
that you’re passionate about. Oh, that’s right? What you are actually
doing right now. Now, legally, we can’t
have you on a skateboard in the studio because– My hand is broke? Well, we don’t want to– yeah, we don’t want
anything else to break and then get sued
because, uh… Sue y’all ass. So this is
“Trick or Treat?”. Now, you use a skateboard
to do tricks. I saw the video. I said– yeah,
it’s in the water now. -Damn.
-Yeah. You want a fresh cup or..? I’m good. Is that how you
dry a skateboard? Yup. [crash] Oh… who is that?
Marshall? Marshall! Marshall,
a skateboard fell. A skateboard fell.
Come get it for me, please. You use skateboards
to do tricks. Yeah. I use skateboards
to eat treats. But what I noticed is that some of the skateboard trick
and treat names are the same. I’ma tell you a trick,
you show me how to do it, and then I’ll tell you
how to do the treat version. -Okay.
-Alright. So the first one is, uh, you tell me
what a Ollie looks like. An Ollie.
That’s an Ollie? Yup. What is it?
How does it go? That’s it? -That’s simple.
-Very simple. Okay, my version
of a Ollie is what I call olives. Okay? So I like to
place the olives… What the hell you makin’,
a sandwich? No, I eat the olives
off the board. This is how
you serve ’em. [inhales] Aw, hell no! What are you, eating olives
off the skateboard, man? ‘Cause this– if you put them
on a plate, they roll off. Bro! You don’t have no bread,
no sandwich, no nothin’. I like to vaccuum my olives. [inhales] Man, Marshall,
get me out of here. No, no! Marshall. Alright, final one. I need you to
do a heel flip. You tell me
what a heelflip looks like. -Heelflip…
-Heelflip. Does the board
actually flip? -I’m about to show you.
-Oh, it flips that way. Yup. Oh. Ooh. I thought it was
when you hit the back– -when you hit the back like…
-Don’t question me. Sorry. [laughter] Can I show you
the treat version? Yeah. Wait, have you ever
heard of Flipz, the delicious
chocolate pretzels? -Oh, I f–k with that.
-Thank you. What, you trying to crush them?
Put them on the wrong side? You trying to flip them? Don’t- don’t question me. [laughter] I’m trying to
teach you something. I’m trying to
teach you something. Okay, yeah, don’t–
mnh, mnh. You don’t know
how to do the heelflip. Boom.
Toe, heel. [thud] [thud] You get- you get the gist. It looks like
you’re struggling over there. [mouth full]
What do you mean? I’m a little bit
out of practice, but don’t ever question
my snack-a-doo tactics. Look, look, look. Killin’ the cup. I’m about to Ollie
on top of the cup. Ooooohh. Do you want some of
my snack-a-doos? No, thank you.
[chuckles] No, thank-a-doo. [laughter] [laughs] Do the Damn Thing. Rich the Kid,
ladies and gentlemen. [cheers and applause] ♪♪

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