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Real Russian Club – ❤️Channel TRAILER❤️

Real Russian Club – ❤️Channel TRAILER❤️

hello everyone and welcome to the Real
Russian Club channel. My name is Daria and I’m a professional Russian language
teacher from Moscow, Russia. On my channel, you will find everything you need to
learn Russian and to get acquainted with Russian culture. Russian grammar lessons
that will allow you to learn Russian from zero, Russian pronunciation
exercises, Russian vocabulary booster course. A lot of traveling videos if you
want to see how daily life in Russia looks.
Also, be sure to join my live streams every week. They will help you improve
your Russian dramatically. Don’t forget that each and every video has subtitles
in Russian, in English, in many other languages, so if you don’t know Russian
that well yet, no problem! Click the buttons, turn on the subs and continue
studying and enjoying the lessons. I really hope that you stay with me,
subscribe to my channel, click the bell button so you don’t miss the new lessons.
And I really hope to see you among my students. Have a good day and see you
soon. Bye-bye!

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  • Real Russian Club says:

    Welcome to the Real Russian Club!
    My name is Daria, I am a certified Russian language teacher from Moscow?‍?
    WATCH on my channel:
    Russian from zero to fluency –

    Russian pronunciation –

    Russian speaking lessons –

    Tips on learning Russian –

    TPRS Lessons (storytelling) –

    Russian vocabulary –

    Russian vocabulary in use –

    Visit Russia. Russian traveling vlogs –

    Videos of Russia. Russian life –

    History of Russia –

    Slow Russian Lessons –

    Fast Russian Lessons –

    Weekly Russian reading lessons –

    Where else to find me:
    My website! – ✌️
    Join my FREE email course – ✌️
    Slow Russian Podcast – ✌️
    Instagram –
    Facebook –

    Here you can support my channel:
    YouTube Sponsorship –
    Patreon –
    PayPal – or directly to [email protected]

  • Rusalka and Sanya: Provincial Russian Life says:

    The best channel to learn Russian! ???

  • Rusalka and Sanya: Provincial Russian Life says:

    We are waiting for new streams with Shmyak! ??

  • Reinaldo Rojas says:


  • Vivek Kumar says:

    Awesome channel if you really want to learn Russian Language

  • Husain Shadab says:

    You are not just a great teacher but a great speaker too. Take care.

  • milad Pourvali says:

    I really appreciate for everything that you do to teach us russian?????❤

  • Zavex says:

    I just started this today. Where are the russian squat videos? People keep thinking I’m a western spy but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong ?


    Love u russia forever , from bharat (india) ?? hare krishana , spacibo, pakka pakka , prevet, das daniya dra ,niyat, kharoshi

  • ucenic1 says:

    You're a great teacher. Thanks!

  • Marco Ramirez says:

    We you be live on Halloween night daria?

  • Jey King says:

    WOW !!! you are looking much more beautiful with long hair.
    You will look more beautiful if you make your hair longer than now.
    Keep this process up.

  • Adnan Aman says:


  • danish qazi says:

    You are the best, I am learning just watching your videos,, Thank you so much for such efforts,

  • Jeszy Andrew says:


  • Kunwar Prakhar Singh says:

    After I learn Russian, I will go to Russia one day!

  • Udit singh D says:

    Здравствуйте ,я думаю вы делает довольно круто

  • Berlinfrance MCconnon says:

    Excellent! ❤

  • ClimbOver says:

    The RЯ club = Darya club.
    Coincidence, I think not!


  • john reid says:

    Daria, I'm curious about your experience with learning English? I assume you learned it in school, but there's probably more to the story than just that?

  • alexander l says:

    Спасибо Дарья!

  • Russell Robinson says:

    Really loved the way you looked live for Halloween! Was great seeing Super Roman too the other day! Thanks for sharing your time and teaching!?❤️??

  • Jônatas Duarte idiomas says:

    how about creating podcasts?

  • Arnulfo says:

    I love you and this channel.

  • Russian with Anastasia says:

    Даша, крутой трейлер! Я всё никак не сделаю. Пора бы тоже уже сделать. 😀

  • Nick Hinchliff says:

    Good luck to you, Daria. I've probably been aware of you for over a year now.

  • Gábor says:

    Крутой канал. Привет из Венгрии.

  • Jônatas Duarte idiomas says:

    at first pronouncing the "R" was difficult?

  • SuperKucinghitam says:

    you are so pretty Daria, Did you have a live lesson (for interactive) lesson??

  • Danny Brown says:

    hey daria , you are an amazing thank you for a very great lessons , how can i connect with you ???

  • LV M says:

    Здравствуйте! Подскажите, пожалуйста, как Вы делаете share screen во время трансляции видео?

  • rodeina lala says:

    Я люблю тебя, Дарья, ты мне очень помог в изучении русского языка.

  • Mikołaj Bądzielewski says:

    Suka bljat

  • nadir algeria says:

    Я люблю тебя


    Amazing teacher ?% recommended!

  • Jon Manley says:

    I have been watching your zero to fluency videos for a while now and I am struggling but it is very enjoyable, I was inspired to learn Russian from a friend from Saratov that I hope to one day be able to speak fluently in her language. your videos make more sense than any others that I have watched, I have also been using your 600 phrases book from amazon. you are a blessing, and have given me a good start in this. I will keep learning, I love your history and travel videos too. you live in a beautiful land! Дарья вы удивительны! Спасибо за все, чему вы учите. Вы очень вдохновляете!?❤

  • Jatin Sonkar says:

    Hello ? I am new here.

  • Neil Herrera says:

    I love your channel Daria.

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