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Reading My Old Fanfiction

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Feel free to credit your name here! Hey guys! What’s up? So recently when I was looking through my old external harddrive I found some of my old Yu Yu Hakusho fanfictions that I wrote back when I was around (correction: 13 years old). When I tried reading them I started having seizures because of the sheer amount of second-hand embarrassment I experienced As I was dying, I suddenly had this brilliant idea: “Hey, why not read this fanfiction together with my viewers so they can suffer with me?” And that’s why today I’ve decided to read one of my earliest fanfics to you guys! I’ve never published this fanfic before, so this is exclusive for you guys! You should feel special by now Okay then, let’s begin! The Shadow of Darkness Based on the anime Yu Yu Hakusho You’re name is Yuri Okino Well, you have a long straight lavender hair that reach down to the middle of your back Your eyes have the same color as your hair You are a half shadow & half darkness demon You can control the shadow and the darkness You find out more about your powers later Although your power is darkness, your character is completely the opposite of your power You’re very nice and kind, but sometimes you’re shy, especially when you just met new people You always wear your black/ dark purple cloak You don’t use it to hide your identity, it makes you easier to hide in the dark Well then, on with the story! The gang’s POV “WHAT!? YUKINA’S BEEN KIDNAPED?!” Kuwabara screams in shock “But, when?” “Well, Kurama, I’m not sure, when I comeback here, she’s gone.” Botan says with a very sad face “Hiei, why don’t you try to find her with your jagan eye?” Kurama asks. Hiei untie his bandana and open his jagan and It starts glowing, then he ties his bandana back. “I think she’s in the demon world.” “WELL LET’S GO TO THE DEMON WORLD!” Yusuke says in excitement. Then they all go to the demon world. ~Meanwhile, Yukina’s POV~ You’re escaping from the building and you run to the forest When the demons find out about this, they run and search for you in the forest “YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN’T HIDE, ICE MAIDEN!” one of them says. You’re so scare now, you’re hiding behind the bushes. “What should I do? I can’t run away, if they find out that I’m here, they’ll catch me again.” you think to yourself while shivering. “She’s not here! Let’s search somewhere else.” the demon says. “Maybe it’s save for me to get out now.” You stand up and walk away from your hiding spot, but suddenly, a giant demon jumps out in front of you. “THERE YOU ARE, YOU LITTLE KOORIME! YOU CAN’T RUN NOW!” he says then the other demons appear and they’re surrounding you. “HELP!!” “There’s no point on screaming, no one will hear you!” You start to cry because you’re so scare. When the demons walk towards you, you see a black blur jumping from trees to trees. “WHO’S THERE?!” one of the demon ask. “COME OUT!” There’s no answer. “COME OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!” There’s still no answer. “COME OUT HERE SO I CAN-” but before the demon could finish, he falls to the ground unconscious. You thought it was Hiei who killed him, but then you realize it’s not him when the black blur jumps down from the tree and lands right in front of you. You can’t see his face because he’s wearing a long black cloak. “WHO ARE YOU?!” the demons scream. The strange guy then use some kind of dark spirit energy and shoot it at all the demons and they fall on the ground unconscious. The guy’s now facing you but he doesn’t say anything. “Thank you very much for your help, who are you?” you ask but before he could answer, you hear a screaming coming from behind you. “YUKIIINAAAA!!!” “Kuwabara?” then you see Kuwabara and the gang run towards you “Yukina, are you alright?” Kuwabara asks. “I’m fine, Kuwabara” “Yukata” Kuwabara say in relieve (dafuq?) “What happen to these demons?” Yusuke asks while kicking the demon’s body with his feet. “Well, the demons tried to captured me, but then a strange man came and saved me” “A GUY?!! WHAT DOES HE LOOKS LIKE??” Botan asks with a curious face. “Uum, I don’t know, he wears a black cloak so I can’t see his face” “Where’s he now?” Kurama asks. “He’s right… hey, he’s gone! I’m sure he’s here a little while ago” “Well, I’m just glad you’re alright, let’s go home then!” Botan says then she jumps to the portal and you guys follow her. ~Mystery Person’s POV~ (aka you) You just saved a girl from a bunch of evil demon. She asks you who you are but before you could answer, her friends come. You quickly hide on the tree. You watch her until she jumps to a strange portal, then you disappeared into the shadow. Yeah I think that’s enough for now. Hope you guys enjoyed this super old fanfic. Now excuse me while I go lie down inside my coffin.

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