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Reading Hebrew Together – Lesson 0 (introduction)

Reading Hebrew Together – Lesson 0 (introduction)

This is Learn Hebrew aleph to tav and today
we are going to start a new series of reading lessons. The series will start with basic Hebrew reading,
great both for beginners and for more experienced Hebrew speakers who want to refresh their
memory and improve their reading skills. In this series, you will be able to read along
with me, each lesson at a time. By the end, you will be able to read Hebrew
in print letters, handwriting letters, with Nikud and even without Nikud. Your vocabulary will greatly increase, as
well as sentence structure understanding and Hebrew grammar rules. We will start with basic Hebrew words and
simple sentences that will enable you to gain confidence by practicing. Knowing the Hebrew alphabet is a prerequisite
for a successful reading. Check out the Hebrew alphabet lessons on this
channel. I also recommend going over the Nikud lessons
so you don’t start from scratch. links in the cards and the description below. If you choose to start reading with no prior
knowledge of the Hebrew language, it may cause frustration and leave gaps in your knowledge. In any case, I leave the decision to you. We will begin with print letters. Those are less affected by the handwriting
style, Thus, easier to read, especially for beginners. We will also see the Hebrew final letters
or otiyot sofiot. Together with the Hebrew alphabet, I will
show you how words are decorated with Nikud. We will go over each Nikud sign and discuss
it. Sometimes in short, sometimes in-depth discussion. I will also translate words and sentences
so you can increase your vocabulary while reading and use the sentences when speaking
Hebrew. Each lesson will cover a range of topics and
aspects of the Hebrew language. If you have any questions, regarding any topic,
leave them below. You can use the timestamps provided to jump
to a specific section of any lesson. For each lesson, there will be a summary in
the description. Make sure you read it first so you find the
lesson the suits your level of Hebrew. That is all for this introduction. If you have any comments or questions leave
them below. If you want to see more, don’t forget to
subscribe and as always, thank you and Toda for watching.

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