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Ramadan in arabic

Ramadan in arabic

May Allah`s peace , mercy and blessing be upon you . Ramadan Kareem. We Muslims Always Greet Each other With. Al Salam Alikom which mean Peace be With you . In Ramadan We Always Greet Each other with Ramadan Kareem Which mean . Ramadan is Generous Because Ramadan Comes with All happiness to all People. And the answer to that Greeting is Allah Akram. Which mean Allah is the most Generous. So what’s Ramadan?. Shiekh Yusuf Estes Will Answer that Question In only Two Minutes. it’s a name of a Month in lunar calendar There are twelve Month in lunar calendar This is the same lunar calendar used by the Jews long before and wasn’t any Christians in the Earth. they all followed the lunar calendar and infact they still do that today. And the same calendar followed by Muslims And in it twelve Months, one of them called the month of Ramadan. And in this month..This is the month of Fasting And Allah Tells about that in Sura Al-Baqara chapter Two and verse 183 and Allah says O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that ye may (learn) self-restraint,- O ye who believe! it’s order for you to fast the month of Ramadan. Because those was order to the people before you the same way من قبلكم Before you Guys And so that’s something Known now You see the month of Ramadan is fasting for us But it was Fasting before for the Christians If you know they still have in Catholic Church some remnant Called Lent the Month of Lent And then if you Go back To the Jews before Christianity you find That they their Fasting and they have the day of Atonement And they have Various Feast that they conduct and so on and fasting Involve with all of these. So we see that Fasting is alaways been there for the believers in one True God The God of Abraham,The God of Ishmael,Jacob,David, Solomon,Moses,Jesus ,Muhammed (Peace be Upon them All). Telling All of us the Same thing When you want to Get Close to your lord You do some Fasting Stay away from Food And Drink and intimate relations during the daylight hours. Then When the Sun goes Down ,you can break your fast and Enjoy the bounties of Allah. Then in the Morning before the sun comes up you get ready You eat then you stay away from Food and Drink for the rest of the day and that’s Ramadan Jazak Allah khayran Shiekh Yusuf Estes. I love you for the sake of allah إنى أحبك فى الله Ok,So what’s Muslims Do a week before Ramadan?. شراء الأغذية Buy Foodstuffs تزيين الشوارع Decoration Streets Ramadan well known With أشهى المأكولات الرمضانية حلويات رمضان Ramadan Sweet فانوس رمضان السحور Which mean A light meal before the dawn قبل صلاة الفجر ختم القرآن الكريم Finish Reading the Whole Noble Quran in the Month of Ramadan. As you know The Number of sura in the Noble Quran are 114 sura. Or 30 Parts So if you Read a part Every Day You will finish Reading The Whole Noble Quran in thirty days (Month). الإقطار Al Iftar or Breakfast after hearing maghrib Azan. مائدة الرحمن To provide poor Fasting people with Food Ramadan Mercy Tables صلاة التراويح صلاة Mean prayer Now imagine that you will travel To see your Friend in Egypt in Ramadan. The First thing you will say is Ramadan Kareem Your EGYPTIAN Friend will answer with Allah Akram But what if Your friend asks you if you can write that Can you write that Easy Words?! Ok,I will help You..Let’s write. Ramadan The First letter is “ر” حرف= Mean Letter in English “ر” is equivalent to The English letter “R” Second letter is “م” “م” is equivalent to The English letter “M” رمضان حرف الضاد “ض” is equivalent to The English letter “D” ا (Alif) “ا” is equivalent to The English letter “A” ن (Noon) “ن” is equivalent to The English letter “N” Let’s write “كريم” ك (Kaaf) “ك” is equivalent to The English letter “K” “ر” is equivalent to The English letter “R” “ى” is equivalent to The English letter “Y” “م” is equivalent to The English letter “M” رمضان كريم الله أكرم الله أكرم Allah is the most Generous.

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