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qi kong – arabic

qi kong – arabic

Take for example a car Does it make sense that one won’t take care of it
according to the manufacturer’s instructions? So why is it, that in such a sophisticated machine
like the human body, we ignore and don’t do maintenance and we just now start to understand what they have
understood in the East and China for many years. just look how many millions go out every morning
and practice Chi Gong. I’m Eli Sapir I want to teach you 8 simple and easy exercises
that are taken from ancient Chinese wisdom These exercises will help us breathe better Will improve the flow of energy in the body calm us Focus us and force us to start the day differently I found that in order to bring peace to the world,
we need to first find peace within ourselves It is then that we’ll want peace with others,
and not struggles and war And who will give and all of us will
bring world peace Appropriate for healthy people In the case of a medical
problem please consult a Doctor or a Chi Gong Instructor Exercise # 1 Hands raised upwards, knees slightly bent
and hips moved backwards Take in a breath and release it Stand up to the tips of your toes Take in a breath and place your arms at 90 degrees. Exhale exhale Stand up to the tips of your toes I’d like the motion to feel effortless Think and feel as if the movement is under water Everything needs to flow in harmony, without effort. Exercise # 2 Open the soles of your feet Hands at 90 degrees, index finger and thumb at 90 degrees Face the opening between your thumb and index finger Your other should be clenched and at 90 degrees Take in a breath, lower yourself slightly at the knees. Exhale Exchange between your hands Take in a breath Exhale this exercise is considered very important for the channel
of large intestines and for the channel of the lungs Exercise # 3 Bring your legs slightly together. One hand pushing
towards the sky and the other towards the earth This exercise is considered very important for the digestive system Take in a breath ,,, exhale and turn slightly towards the hand that is pointing downwards,
with your face looking in the same direction as that hand. Breathe in, switch between hands, inhale. switch, exhale Exercise # 4 This next exercise is very good for the shoulders
and the neck So especially those who find it hard, will see their
shoulders opened up and expand the range of motion Breath in, go down slightly again, with hips slightly back Exhale Hands at your sides, palms at 90 degrees, and turn your
face sideways. Breathe in. Hips back, Exhale. Hands at 90 deg, head facing 90 deg. Exercise # 5 This exercise helps to open the airways in the morning One hand facing the sky, the second towards the earth The movement will be towards the open hand, along with your face. It starts this way. Take in a breath Exhale Switch hands and raise the other side, face
moving along with the hand. Exhale , inhale. Exercise # 6 Every night about a third of the air going into our lungs remains “stuck” there, to increase the volume of fresh air going into our lungs we need to exhale the “stuck” air, so new fresh air could go inside. This is done using a whistle. we start by inhaling, than we exhale with a whistle: pss pss pss, the arm is following this whistle forward pss pss pss.. Exercise # 7 We start the exercise with the arms holding the pelvis and the lower back we inhale, when we exhale the arms are
moving down towards the legs from the outer side When we inhale the hands are moving from the inner side of the legs Again we inhale slowly slowly go down pay attention to our back.Exercise # 8 in this exercise we inhale, we go up on my toes and release, by doing so I create a light tremble to the body that keeps the spine in place and also relaxes our body exhale… these were the 8 exercises I hope it will help you start your morning in a better way. Thank you very much and have a great day, May we together bring peace to all human beings. Subtitles by MrJibel All rights reserved

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