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Pumpkin Spice Cookies in Arabic with English Subtitles

Pumpkin Spice Cookies in Arabic with English Subtitles

Welcome to Bayt Bushra. I’m Bushra and this is my home. Today, we’re speaking in Arabic. So if you don’t speak Arabic, go ahead and
click the CC button down here and click on the English subtitle option. So you will be able to make this recipe with us. [music] Hey, hi, hello, welcome to the Bayt
Bushra channel. This is my channel for cooking and making
desserts. Today we will be making cookies, and cake,
or a little cake, which is the cupcake. Before I begin, I would like to say FORGIVE
ME if my Arabic needs a little bit of work. I was raised in America. All the Arabic I know was learned from my
family and the Arabs around me. And as you know, I am from Syria. It’s been a while, unfortunately, that I’ve
been to Syria (to practice my language). At the same time, the idea of language is
very important and very beautiful. If someone learns a new language he would
be doing –doing — doing the impossible to learn this second language. Because ONE language is difficult. How is someone supposed to learn two or three
languages?? My goal from this video in Arabic is to tell
you, whoever is learning English or Arabic or any other language, NOT to give up… which
I think means ‘Don’t give up’. Keep going, keep studying! I would like to encourage you, and you to
encourage me. Write for me in the comments below which language
you are learning right now. We want to make pumpkin cookies. These are my ingredients, the things we will
be using today. Now, I don’t know if you have pumpkin in your country HOWEVER, during the fall season, it is very popular. So we will try to make some cookies with it. First, you need a bowl, a big bowl. We will begin with vegetable oil. Okay, with the oil I want to add the pumpkin. And we want to add an egg. Okay, so, sugar– we need half a cup. The worst thing is to reach for a dessert only to have an egg smell to it. If you’ve been following me, you’ll know that I like to put 1 teaspoon vanilla for every egg to get rid of the eggy smell. Now, you’ll need to mix well. Okay! I’m finding this to be more difficult than
I expected in terms of speaking only in Arabic and not in English. So, now, we have this mixture from the pumpkin
color, an orange color. Very pretty. Why is my Arabic so ANNOYING! ew. In the same cup we measured out the pumpkin,
so that we don’t make more dirty dishes, we will put the milk and baking soda and mix
well. Then add them to the pumpkin. Now we need another bowl, clean and new and big, to mix together the flour and the spices. [music] We put in here everything dry: flour
and oats. Now you can put all
the spices you want for these cookies. I put two teaspoons of cinnamon. OR I also have this pumpkin pie spice which has cinnamon, ginger, lemon peel, nutmeg, cloves and cardamom. So for that reason, I will put 1 teaspoon
of the cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of the pumpkin (spice). [music] Now we put everything dry into the
pumpkin mixture. At the very end, after everything merges together and mixes well together, we want to add the walnuts and the chocolate. When you put the cookies on a baking sheet, you know, you’ll put like small balls on the
sheet, they won’t change shape. To guarantee that it fully bakes through,
make a ball and smush it slightly with your hand, and God-willing (inshAllah) it will
be ready. And now! It’s time to turn on the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. [music] Bake in the oven for 20 mins at 350 degrees F. Now we want to start on the small
cakes, the cupcakes. Now is the season for apples and we want to
use apples in our cake today. We want to start with the egg so we can mix
it well. On top of the egg I want to put sugar. And on top of that, of course, we need vanilla. Just like we said, this will get rid of the
egg smell. OOPS. If you put a little extra, that’s okay. Blessing. It’s all blessing. 1/3 cup oil. Mix this well. Flour. With them, we need to put some cinnamon. Baking soda. Soda of the baking. And add the walnuts and the apple. Now we also have the cake mixture. Notice that most of it, just as you can see,
is apple. This makes it healthy. Once we finish baking the cookies, we want to put this into the molds and bake them until they are done. Also, just like we said about the cookies they won’t change shape much in the oven. I like to fill them up all the way because they will not rise much anyway. Thank you everyone, seriously, that you stuck with me during this video, despite my broken Arabic. But you know, thank God, I’m happy that we tried something new. Thank you, thank you, God bless you Thanks for subscribing to my Bayt Bushra channel. If you would like to see more new videos, do not forget to subscribe and to like this video. And I know, for sure, I have made the cookies and the cupcakes many times before FOR REAL they are so very delicious. I hope that when you make these recipes you will take a picture and tag me on Instagram Don’t forget the list of measurements and ingredients to make these desserts that we made today is in the description box below the video! Peace out! [music] [yummy] [delicious] [chocolatey] [perfection] Thanks so much for watching, guys. It was more difficult to do this in Arabic than I expected. Please like, comment, subscribe, share with your friends. I hope you learned new in Arabic or maybe you didn’t or maybe you just think it’s so beautiful because it is a beautiful language. Anyways I will see you guys next time. And until we meet again! [wave]

5 Replies to “Pumpkin Spice Cookies in Arabic with English Subtitles”

  • seksesamar says:

    Keep it up , you're arabic is better than mine 🙂

  • Israa Alashqar says:

    keep it up, your Arabic is very good. I'm working on my English now.

  • Waqas Jutt says:

    ٠٥٢٤٤٣٠٣٢٥ كويس فيديو

  • Asmaa Ahmad says:

    جوز الطيب حبيبتي مش (زوجة الطيب ) ??

  • Darlene Burgess says:

    Thank you for sharing these recipes, they look really tasty.

    You mentioned that the cookies are cooked for about 20 mins @ 350, but didn't mention what temperature nor approximate time for the cupcakes. I know many baked goods, including cakes and cookies are baked @350F, but a "ballpark" time would be great. Also, how do you know when your cake is "done". Normally, a toothpick or cake tester inserted into middle, then withdrawn and the "crumbs" (or lack thereof) would tell whether or not the cake is done. But the abundance of apples would probably interfere with that method. TIA

    And I speak English, and have studied Spanish and German. I agree, learning another language is HARD work. And I'm not particularly good with languages. Thanks to German heritage, I can pop out a native accent, just lack vocabulary and sentence structure. Spanish, because it is also a "Latin" language is easier on learning vocabulary, but again, I run afoul of syntax/grammar rules.

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