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Pronouns in Arabic (Subjective, Objective, Possessive )

Pronouns in Arabic (Subjective, Objective, Possessive )

ok so I will repeat from the beginning Explaining the pronouns in Arabic, so we have two kinds
of pronounce in Arabic we have … pronoun in Arabic is called Dameer the plural is Damaayir, we have two kinds of
pronouns stand-alone pronounced and connected pronouns and we have we have connected connected just add to the
object E I don’t need instead of we have the
object pronouns that object pronounced like are pronounced object means for
example when you say he hit me so he is the subject so we have the subjective
pronounce it is the money is no object to me is the object in the same way in
our beak is the heat and I’d need so many he hit me so if I can’t take any more about try to be conjugated with a sponsor for
example let’s take a look now you have to propose at stake and when you say we have him to him ahah Mr for the
jewish home for Muskegon County Muskegon for the freemen and pure and they are
done for him now he said that the object of pronounced our auditors so we have a
very and after that an object that possessive pronoun in arabic to announce
who have known and unknown indicates the functional but what is it like a subject
is it is it normal I T visit or accusative agility and we have the
process if so it would take an example it will be like for example get a better
book if they want to say my book I E be my book so the connected on another
big our other house at the end of the world there’s no problem yes I said because we have to get the
ending so declaration of the word it means is it like subject if I say for
example we do what we do I want why here why I added to 2525 is an apple
pie I made here answer it’s an object exactly so we do I am the
person who we do is to fire his object so what do I want I want to redo 24 had
a car I want your Apple ok not great but this is the road trying to understand
that all known and in the process so we were here with people who keep
their book to two persons he tapped their book for a group of players must
perform a lure for mixed when he said because when there is when you have like
one made and like 100 woman you will use the general pool which is a must just won his heat Abu just for women so that I like just
females could have been there for so what do we have here we have just so
there is no no train and I’ll be there is no it so what can be either feminine
or masculine so it means if for example a calc haha I can to ie8 so I ate herself with her here
it’s not like we’re drawn get a room and so her here it’s not too fast for
example because Apple in had told in Arabic is imminent ok I can to her there is no not another word can be
feminine or masculine and feminine or masculine so this is a tall guy here we
have like some examples that are many hehe committed by debate in the past me
and object me I cannot wait a couple for example or something he ate something
that was kinda understand here is a car is used so no this one object I
understand you and you know how you know that they are both the same to the
object and the positive energy they’re saying so you have just to memorize one
of this and you know those are just the unique difference is here when we are
known to the fact here so quick to add like when you use the object pronoun you
will add the last and I am is like protection so this noon it is the kind
of protection to the facts and here we are connected this is just with E she’s just with the first one to me is
instead of simple example that Abba either about you like him not to
pronounce and it’s not easy I can I can now so we are this known to protect with
this one because now there’s all the although the start with a consonant for
example he who but we eat it’s just like one it’s just about this new ways to
correct the song ok so just memorize it like that but when I want to use this
one it’s just need for that object and here it is great so now about this one
this is the rule that we talked about about it now declarations case plus the possessive
pronoun be in my book with rob is a load on my
god so I’ll be my god I see his brother is my brother famous expression to ask someone how is
he inherited this one is not easy but how is he situation his condition so ok your situation for example subject for example trying to use a subject that you don’t
know and I and try to use the joy and the player and waiting for example so now we have the object pronouns can you give me and other object of it
to you and you would like to if you’d like a plural or something that you have
not used so for example let’s say they like the
way I’m writing this the way this can like summarize all tables that we we saw
just industry curtains so we have an ax and jobs at possessive and the objective
so he and need that we understand what we have under you and the positive he
said that now is for both so it could be objective now all possible depending if
it is hard to avert or to another so if you are the two average objective if you
had returned now it’s subjected to ever be subjected to announce its positive
okay so the second and connected to say that we are like we have just take the
stand alone and the connected from us and one of the ways like to minimize
data is like a relation how the worry out the words of these words was created
and financial the second person all of them start with and and you have like to
add here like enter and tea for the female and two Mar 04 like the plural
and are and if and tomorrow we could get any further Jul 04 June and two morrow objective for the can take they are here they hear if I use it like
objective will be no

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