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Project 2013 for Beginners Part 8: How to Use the Mini Toolbar in Project 2013

Project 2013 for Beginners Part 8: How to Use the Mini Toolbar in Project 2013

Welcome back to our course on Project 2013.
In this section, we’re going to look at mini toolbars. These can be used both in mouse
mode and in touch mode, and they give us a very quick way of accessing important commands.
Now in order to demonstrate mini toolbars, what I’ve done here is to just type some
text into the table part of a Gantt Chart. This is a new project and I’ve just put
in a task name of Task 1. Now how and why I did that isn’t really important. All I
want you to see is that we’ve now got an entry in the task name. If I now right click
with the mouse in that particular cell in the table, what I see is a little menu flying
out and above that menu there is a little toolbar and that’s what we refer to as the
Mini Toolbar. Now what you actually see in that mini toolbar
depends on the circumstances, depends on what you’re looking at, what you’re doing,
and so on. But normally what it will contain is the commands that you’re most likely
to need depending on what you’re doing at that exact point in time. Now in this case,
I’ve typed in the name of a task. I’ve just called it Task 1. And amongst the things
that you can see on the mini toolbar is a command to let me change the font. The font
there at the moment is Calibri. If I wanted to change it to a different font, there’s
a drop down there that I could use to change the font. So let me just use the mini toolbar
to change the font. So I could go say from Calibri to Broadway, and then there’s a
command to change the font size. And then other commands including commands to do things
like make the text bold, italic, to color it, or using this little drop down here with
the bar on it to indicate how complete that particular task is. So there’s quite a range
of things that I can do using that mini toolbar. Now having made that change to the font, let
me just point out one of the commands on the Quick Access Toolbar that we looked at earlier
on. So click back up there, undo, and I’m back to the original font again.
Now let’s try the equivalent using touch. We’ve already used tap in touch which is
the equivalent to click with the mouse. And obviously when you’re using an Office program
like Project, you’re going to do an awful lot of clicking, so a lot of tapping. You
also tend to use right click quite a bit and right click is how we brought up the mini
toolbar and that little menu just now. Pretty much the same with touch except that with
touch the equivalent is tap and hold. So what I’m going to do is tap and hold on Task
1 and that will bring up the touch version of the Mini Toolbar. So tap and hold. Notice
how the cursor shape changes to a square, release it, and up comes the mini toolbar
for touch. Now the mini toolbars tend to be about the same. They tend to have a lot of
commands in common but there are usually some differences between the ones you get with
mouse and the ones you get with touch. You can see there that the core of the toolbars
are the same but also with this touch one, you’ve got these Paste, Cut, and Copy commands
on it as well. And there will usually be some differences and that’s a fairly typical
type of difference. Now while we’re looking at that mini toolbar
and note how much bigger it is than the other one, the usual reason so that you can operate
it with your fingers. But at the right hand end, there’s a drop down and that’s what
we’re going to talk about in the next section. If you click on the drop down, that gives
you access to the equivalent right click menu. So that’s it. That’s how you access the
mini toolbars. Many people prefer using those to using the Ribbon a lot and particularly
if you collapse the Ribbon, you may find the mini toolbar mean that you rarely need to
go near the Ribbon, but that will depend on what you do and your own preference in terms
of operating Project 2013. Okay, in the next section we’re going to
have a very quick look at those right click menus. What we call those are contextual menus.
So please join me for that.

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