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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Reveal New Details About Split From Royal Family | TODAY

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Reveal New Details About Split From Royal Family | TODAY

100 Replies to “Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Reveal New Details About Split From Royal Family | TODAY”

  • perlaand says:

    I guess we all "know" that all will end in divorce. That marriage should never happen in first place. Of course, Meghan is the one who's gonna keep the best part of it. Harry, poor prince, is a fool, but the Queen is to blame because she didn't do her best to prevent and kick Meghan out of there in the beginning.

  • Joann Brown says:

    I am so impressed that the Queen upheld the monarchy rather than take a soft approach in regard to these two disrespectful family members, God save the Queen

  • Will Well says:


  • Christina Watson says:

    Harry needs to get rid of that ginger beard, it does nothing for him.

  • Kenya B says:

    She wasn’t born into unearned wealth so she will do fine, Harry is the one I’d be considered about. anyway I wish all married people God’s grace.

  • Amanda milson says:

    Meghan could become the next Canadian President

  • Judith Almaguer says:

    I love both of their 👃

  • Infvntvm 1 says:

    Y’all are too mad about something that doesn’t effect your everyday lives 😂😂

  • carren ward says:

    omg… they just had 6wks away from the UK and their duties before defecting – least the Australian taxpayers won't have to cough up $1M again like they did for their last 16 day visit, what a have, money that should've been spent elsewhere.

  • Liz Wiens says:

    Good job Queen! Can’t quit the Royal family and call yourselves royals.

  • V. Smith says:

    What is their scam?

  • Nanette Williams says:

    Oh well, doesn't matter because they OWE a lot of money to First Nation Disabled Veterans in America Canada 24.7 and if you use them for news you need to get a life mainstream media and royalty keep their programs for themselves boring bias slandering truth all for $$.

  • Katharina Zia says:

    I fully support Harry and Meghan and I think the Queens been a bit mean I all of this! Oh well- at least they have their security- that is the main thing. I wish them well in their new roles.

  • Janette Webster says:

    Patterns of behavior of Meghan:
    * Drops 1st husband (by post)
    * Drops father
    * Drops step-family
    * Drops husband's family & husband drops his too

    Very quick work:
    * meets Harry
    * engaged to Harry
    * married to Harry
    * pregnant to Harry
    * has baby to Harry

    After disposing of soooo much (people)…still wants (anyone but themselves) to PAY for everything including a possible $20M per year security bill for "HAM" (Harry Archie Meghan)!

    I wonder what this will all look like after the year trial?

  • Lee-Anne Barrett says:

    I dont think people hate her at all but her dysfunction has polluted, and now Prince Harry has turned has back on the only family h e has known his father, grandparents and brother. When you only have one set of Grandparents in their 90s and one father in his 70s and one brother. The only real family he has, its really sad and l think as the years go by as his grandparents die and his only parent he is going to regret what he has done.

  • Pat d says:

    They should drop everything connected to Royal and simply go by Harry & Meghan. It's what they're known as. It's independent and not problematic.

  • Jack Braddell says:

    Such pathetic people.

  • Louise Charbonneau says:

    It was not their choice.

  • Richard Maginnis says:

    Christians should Remember Rev Ch 21 Vs 24 & The Christians in The Royal Family is Still gonna be in Charge of The British People in Heaven & Prince Harry Fought for Britain & We All know so many Blacks are showing No Respect for The Western World, But Lord Jesus is Peace & He could Repent

  • Miss Katz Life says:


  • Miss Katz Life says:


  • Mark Reynolds says:

    Blah, Blah, Blah, this story is getting boring now. Thankfully, only 2 more engagements and harry and meghan will finally be off starting a new life in canada and then usa. Lets hope trump stays in power and they have to remain in canada for another 4 years.
    Lets see how long b4 harry is left at home alone babysitting whilst meghan returns to acting?

  • chechilenita says:

    Meghan the freeloading narcissistic wanna be philanthropist. Loosers. Independent?! Pay your own security.!!

  • 八月 says:

    But they can still be milking being the duke and duchess of sussex?

  • Mary Jo Smith says:

    The comments here are disgusting

  • Helen Standing says:

    Glad they won’t be using ‘Royal’ anymore – I understand them quitting after what happened to his mom, but they have to fully move away from the public Royal side. I hope they retain personal ties as much as possible though as it’s so sad when (great) grandparents / children / cousins etc lose contact.

  • Deborah Brennan says:

    Please tell me that markle piece of crap will have the cheek to return to the country she clearly hates the queen she think s she s smart than and all that see s her just survive and not thrive people be ready to give her the reception she deserve s if and I mean if she has the nerve to return you can keep this export u s a

  • Angry Coala says:

    Nothing new in this video old wine in new bottles

  • Nikki SHY says:

    You can't expect to keep the royal title if you don't want to do the duties it entails…why do they still want to use their 'royal' title as a brand when they wanted to step down??????

  • Trujillo El Loco says:

    First and foremost excuse my ignorance,as I don't know nothing about the Royal Protocol,but I have a curiosity,what if Harry divorced Megan,how will everything proceed from there? I don't get it they don't wanna be part of the royal family,but want to maintain royal "diamond" lifestyle? 😂😂😂😂 this is ridiculous,they will profit from their celebrity status,why do you need the The Royal Sussex status for? You got Hollywood: movies,paparazzi,publishing,marketing,etc…

  • RepentUK LondonWatchman137 says:


  • Star Light says:

    I think Harry will eventually miss his family!

  • Patsy Galang says:

    Love this couple M/H keep stronger and be happy always despite criticism

  • Ln Wri says:

    Reading through the comments I find so many unhappy, negative and down right hate. People get a grip and life. Male or female you will never get the chance to be ROYAL or earn as much money as Prince Harry and Meghan as commoners. Focus on your own life. What do you have going for you? Do you still live in Mommy and Daddy’s home and get a million dollar salary a year? Who pays your utilities bill? How many events have you attended this year all sponsored by your Mommy and Daddy! When was the last time you represented your country at an event?

  • John Correia says:

    Free loading family. Get a job .

  • Pat glasscock says:

    Greed is evil!

  • keep.it.simple says:

    Royal cleansing. Get rid of her.😁

  • Anita Visram says:

    How right is Megan's father! Dragging the 'Royal' brand into a cheap commercial label. I hope Diana is resting in peace?

  • mary busch says:

    financially independent, but but but what about the money they get from Prince Charles….. what a pair, and I pity the grandmother.

  • Fearless Firefly says:

    Meghan has everything to gain while Harry loses his family and title. Harry loves this girl more than she will ever love him.

  • Susette Santiago says:

    The media makes money from every angle…the media are parasites…I see you are not getting very many new pics…how you like them now…

  • Bunny Lancaster says:

    Personally I am sick of hearing about Harry and Megan! They left the family because of to much news and photographers in their personal lives . And now have insulted the queen !! Give them what they want, never report a single item about them again! We all know Miss Megan is at the bottom of all this because Harry would never hurt his grandmother with such a statement! I am sick to death of Megan Markle!!!!! And hope we don’t have to see her face on any magazines or publications ever again. She is a spoiled brat!!

  • Johnny McGregor says:

    Hes the best one out the lot that lad

  • The Natster says:

    Sounds like they just got told!!!!

  • Simonie Hunter says:

    Good day all.
    All the inquisitive and downgrading hypocritical people BACK OFF YOU CANT STOP MEGHAN OR HARRY.
    They are on top and even above the future royal leaders they prove it but especially the BRITISH PEOPLE from years known to talk what they don't know and what they think.

  • Alex says:

    If the non-organisation is for helping others.. how would they pay the bills and other stuff? From her work? They are use to a big life that money will be nothing

  • Alpha Luerann Nash [Del Sol HS] says:

    Crazy thought! Could he become Prime minister now and make real changes?!

  • Suzy Stewart says:

    Meghan sparkle nose in the air like a peacock

  • attituderoyale says:

    Mark my words. Give the marriage less than 5 years.

  • Allen Rodesia says:

    Watch your back sister! You might be in an “accident “ like Diana.

  • Kyd Wykkyd says:

    They’re just going to use the “charity” to pay for their lifestyle now.

  • Katia Lemos says:

    Nikki SHY , I agreed with you ! They don't want to serve as royal, they step down but they want to continue use the title for their brand ? I understand the concerns that they had and why they step down .I respect their reasons but try to profit on the title is definitely unfair to the Queen .

  • Latina Abroad says:

    I believe there was no a "We need to leave to be independent" I believe they were kicked out from the family because they were getting all the attention instead of Will and Kate. Now we can see Kate having more relaxed activities without them there. Well, that's the price people pay I think so when marrying that family.

  • pika says:

    The poor meghan reminds me of the wife of Edward Albrecht VIII who was never accepted.

  • Kiet Tran says:

    Good for them!

  • grim sim says:

    So now it's a split from the royal family? I thought it was stepping down not splitting up.🤔

  • Valerie Lain says:

    I see a divorce coming in the future.

  • Briella-Sorn Fonte says:

    Sometimes I wonder if Harry is using Meghan.

  • freethinkingMILF says:

    See, this is why I need me a British man…they LOVE TF out of their women. I have seen it so many times, Harry puts the star on top of the tree for me. British men, please come get me😍

  • Steps says:

    Megan shouldve known better as a duel heritage person. When they said we should be grateful that the royal family are excepting her into the family. She needs to stop acting like a caucasian. If she really had an idea it shouldve been the fact that 200 plus years ago it was these same self people that had her great great grandparents in chains being branded & sold 🙁

    She really wanted to live that dream & I feel sorry for her growing up wanting to be something she's not

  • Cookie 7 says:

    No Royal no more.They going to be a Movie Or Tv Personality in the making earning tons of millions and what's wrong with that as long as their Charity foundation keeps going.

  • Lori g says:

    I wish the news would focus on Randy Andy. He's an actual real problem.

  • Mhm Mm says:

    They can’t use royals but Prince Pedo Andrew is good to go!

  • G Rodgers54 says:

    If they stay together they will become beloved by millions.

  • notafan not says:

    Best be careful Harry Meghan is exactly like Jodi Arias and we all know what she is capable of

  • Julie Forsyth says:

    So Harry is a wanna be rock star 🥱 Jon Bonjovi has gone down in my estimation. I feel sad for Abbey Road Studios what a terrible addition to their CV

  • Ron Charles says:

    Paul McCartney's ex-wife, Heather Mills, must be thinking right now, "And everyone thought that I was the most horrid gold digger that the world had ever seen!"

  • samantha morgan says:

    Que le pasa a la Reyna, debería de mandar a matar a esa perra trepadora.

  • My GoogolPlex says:

    House of Markel-Spencer

  • MY ROAD TRIPS says:

    absolutely… spoiled brats…

  • Bernard Elias says:

    Great full 100 percent happy

  • MsSparklesNGlitter says:

    Ironically their "new life" starts on Aprils Fools Day. I also find it funny how they left the UK because of the press/tabloids. Well they better buckle up, when the American paparazzi will sink their teeth into them. There is so much smoke and mirrors around these two. You feel the deception, lies by them both. They won't be able to keep those secrets hidden much longer.

  • C.D. Lewis says:

    What these lying tabloids need to do is leave Meghan and Harry alone so that they can have their family and live the life that they want to live and start looking at the Queen's son the Pervert

  • Jacque Johnson says:

    Pay up sidewalk trash



  • justice wanted says:

    Yikes. To be compared to Yoko and Heather is not a good look.

  • terry link says:

    Well done Harry .your mam will be happy and proud of you 💓

  • Trudy Smith says:

    Meghan, you have Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks in your veins. Meghan, Revelation 12 said you will have to flee and the dragon will hunt you down, but God said he will sent the earth to hide you. Good luck baby girl

  • Nye Be says:

    I hate to say this but Me-gain's father and half-sister were RIGHT all along! Everyone hated them but it appears they were telling the truth.

  • yollie354 Pollie says:

    Strip her of all and Harry himself will see her true colors EVIL Prince Harry will Return Home and be Royal, Then in due time sit as king With Master Archie

  • only one sky says:

    Meghan caused all these hassles, an evil and greedy woman. Harry is too naive, hope he will wake up with the help of his own families.

  • Iyabo obidare-giwa says:

    It doesn’t matter what name they used, they are still the most beloved couple that ever exist in the royal family. We love them more without the stupid titles. Harry and Meghan will always be our king and Queen of our hearts. We love and appreciate their strength for get up and stand up against those ruthless soulless and blood sucker UK media and their associate. # StandwithKingHarry, Queen Meghan and PrinceArchie. Harry, Meghan and Archie may God keep you safe from all evil eye seen and unseen. HM is a good name for Success.

  • Vivien Wade says:

    Sick to death of these two. Don't want publicity haha . That's why they're trying to set up all these business ventures .. how will that not get publicity.. then meeting rock star… best publicity ever. Ugh

  • Vivien Wade says:

    BORING … HARRY was loved but not anymore he's a fool x "Love is blind" until you find out you're completely screwed 😂

  • Toni Lynn Cassidy says:

    The poor choice of a bride is the downfall of many a man.

  • Elaine Trotter says:

    H&M attempting to cash in on their titles. However their recent statements are most damaging to all concerned. Self control, wise action and a bit of dignity would be refreshing.

  • Grace Tukuru says:

    Daliy Fail: All negative stories about Meghan they didn't even cover the Australia wildfire and other major world events. They were the driven force behind the rumours that the Sussexes wanted to use Sussex Royal for business and the Queen banned them.
    The Daily Fail have cooked up another hurtful rumour about Meghan being insulted during this whole process. The Daliy Fail made this story up. They need to be held accountable before their fake stories completely destroys the lives of innocent people.

  • Kim Bruce says:

    I just hope all the haters do not try and stop all the good they are going to do. They will be affecting the lives of innocent people for no other reason than to see H&M fail.

  • Sandy Reeves says:

    Look at what mm has been wearing for weeks now her and Harry look like riff raff!

  • Gail Dauenbaugh says:

    I seriously think this has much to do with the death of Harry's mother Diana. He's never accepted her death and I believe he knows they had more to do with her death then anyone knows. This is his way of wanting no part of them.

  • Teresa Comstock says:

    Only Hollywood leftist thinks their more elite than Royals.

  • Bo Lang says:

    Isn't that what she wanted????? Good for her. She can have more of an independent life. That's exactly what she said she wanted. The Queen granted them exactly what she wanted.

  • Donna Barnes says:

    Thank God Harry got out of that cult

  • Shirley Bridge says:

    I somehow think Harry shouldn't have married Megan. It reminds me of the mess with Edward and Wallace.

  • menia oz says:

    This Megan marble need some serious counselling. She disowned her own family and now she is running away from Royal family. No more messy trails please! There is no family without a problem. So stop running!

  • carole gerst says:

    wow Prince Harry has stooped to the lowest level possible mixing himself with Hollywood stars with that being said I am an American and I'll tell you what I think of Hollywood stars there the dirt underneath my feet as their the dirt under almost every American woman's feet the same as Meghan markle do you think for one minute that we approve of her know they call her the American princess we don't have an American princes over here we have a first lady and she's in Washington DC with her husband President Trump please don't categorize Meghan markle with the American

  • Rackkii says:

    I have lost hope in them

  • Uncle Charlie says:

    This is the worse decision
    by a redheaded prince in
    history. Harry will rue the day
    he sold out the royal family for
    a cheap hustler.

  • Barbara Heinze says:

    If they want security they should pay for it themselves since they are not royals anymore but just common people and common people don’t go around with a security team. They want to be free from the royals so they shouldn’t receive anything from Britain, Canada or the US. Earn your own money pay your own bills and not have the yearly money that he gets from his dad. That’s not being a commoner also.

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