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Pretty Writing Calligraphy expert Evette on Holly’s hot wedding tips

good morning Evette it is so good to
have you on Holly’s hot wedding tips Thank You Holly it’s a pleasure to be
here it is so wonderful to be able to talk to you about your business pretty
writing so tell me how did you get into being a professional calligrapher well
it started with calligraphy as a hobby when I was a small child and it kind of
grew with me over the years I this is my third career my first career was an
aerospace engineer my second career was telecommunications engineer and all of
that time I was doing calligraphy first as a hobby and then as a part-time
business and when my telecommunications career ended necessity became the mother
of invention I needed a job and jobs were not readily available at the time
the economy was not doing well and so I decided at the urging of my husband to
give full-time calligraphy and opportunity
I found that domain-name pretty writing dot com was available I wrote a business
plan and I contacted all of the event professionals that I could find and the
rest is history in February of 2019 I celebrate my 17th year as a full-time
calligrapher that is just amazing 17 years as a calligrapher what do you like
most about doing calligraphy hmm that’s that’s a difficult question there are so
many aspects of it that I just love I love writing I love creating I able to
create things beautifully whether its traditional whether it’s contemporary
whether it’s artistic whether it’s simple but elegant I love
it absol what is the most unique or memorable wedding you have ever done or
calligraphy you have ever done thank you I’d like to broaden that a
little bit because every wedding is unique and special as the people
involved whether it’s 2 Brides 2 grooms a bride and a groom doesn’t matter it’s
their special day so it is unique and special to them but the most memorable
unusual thing I’ve done and I did it several times in the 1990s and the early
2000s I was privileged to write the names and the banner on the mat for the
photographs of the members of the Colorado House of Representatives and
Senate how amazing so if you visit our House and Senate you will see the mats
that copy that personally wrote for each senator correct amazing thank you how
many languages do you write in well I write in all of the languages that you
use the Roman alphabet so English Spanish French German all of those I
have also addressed invitations in Russian I can write in Hebrew I can
write in some of the Asian languages but not enough to address envelopes I need
to it’s an art piece or a quote or some such thing if I have an example of what
they’re looking for I can write it for them as an art piece when you tailor
handwriting to someone what does that look like if you were to do my name for
me what would that look like you bet let me ask you a few questions okay
tell me about your personal style not your wedding style your personal style
do you like modern do you like classic do you like elaborate do you like fun
and funky tell me a little bit about what you like I would say historic and fantasy okay let me show
you what I would do them as we discussed earlier the pen really is mightier than
the sword and I can show you how that works if I
write this word this way excuse me it’ll be cut out you feel
something with this style of writing you don’t have to tell me what it is if you
look it up in the dictionary you’ll get the dictionary definition of the word
love if however I write the same word this way you feel the different kind of
love and if I write it this way you feel something still different all
three words have the same dictionary definition but they are distinctly three
different kinds of love so the pen can be mightier than the sword you can
influence the way someone receives your words and interprets your words by
changing the style of writing

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