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Preschool Testimonials – (801) 447-2527 – Reid School – Salt Lake City

Preschool Testimonials – (801) 447-2527 – Reid School – Salt Lake City

I’m Shannon Fox and my son Nathan Fox is enrolled
in the Preschool Program here at Reid and the reason we love
Reid is Because the Proximity to our home we just live down the
street And also we like The nice balance that Reid offers of formality
in Their education Also with the ability to migrate so it’s kind
of a Cross between a normal Public school setting and a Montessori Setting
and for our son that’s here It’s good that he’s required to Sit and focus
and learn how to do those things Um and so that’s Why we chose it
Hello my name is Frank West we have a daughter at school
Francesca West we also had a son that went to school here
Nevin West we really enjoy Reid School we wanted to bring our
Daughter back because the reading foundation was so strong
That was the one thing our son always said that got him an
Extra edge in high school and college was the reading
Foundation at Reid School was that good Hi my name is Jennifer Stagg my daughter is
in the preschool Class And we came to Reid on a referral from a friend
and we Really wanted A place that was academically based but also
Had fun and let the kids Just be kids and be creative and we Looked
into some other places In fact I had her in another Preschool and
it just wasn’t feeling right for her She wasn’t Loving coming she protested every
single day she was crying And I got to say here we haven’t had one single
day of tears she Just loves Coming she just loves learning and I love
hearing About all day long At home what she did at school so I hope She’s
learning a lot here l was also really impressed with the Method
of learning here I felt like It was different than any other School that
we looked into um and It’s just really evident that She it’s clicking
with her and she loves Her classmates and she Really loves her teachers.
Hi my name is Colby Sue l am the mother of two boys
Here at Reid School I’ve got I have one in preschool and
The other one Over in kindergarten and we love this school
As many parents Know and or watch me l’m always here trying
To help out Because these guys are amazing the stuff they do here
Is I’m Going to get teary is beyond I have um a just turned 5 in November
He started here last year um he could just write his Letters um
But not much else he left the program after one year He could read
On a first grade level he could write his whole Name he could do
Math problems we were doing minus and Plus math problems single digits
At home um over the summer He was just and elated this kid
Can’t get enough of of learning And these guys just let him soar
And so now he’s in Kindergarten and he’s already been moved up
To another Reading level in there the teachers here are so dedicated
And There just amazing and they love each kid and they’ll do Anything
They can to help them out. And now I have a two year Or three year old
That started here in August um refused to do Any writing for me
He now he can write up to number fives he Recognizes and can count
Up to 20 he knows how to write his Own name and that just since
August so um again I just can’t Say enough about the school it’s amazing.
So my name is Gasol Palmer our daughter Ellie Palmer is in the
Preschool here she goes twice a week um she’s three years old
And she loves it we actually had had Ellie in a previous Preschool
That we also loved and came here on a recommend From one of
My good friends and we have been nothing but Perfectly pleased
With the teachers the other students um the Atmosphere I feel like
The principal knows us I feel like um it’s Just feels more like a family
For her she is very she very much Feels very much like she’s friends
Each of the kids in the class Instead of just one or two and I think that
Must be incorporated Into the atmosphere here some how um and
We are just very Happy with our experience. I have known about the Reid School since I
was Fifteen years Old And I always wanted to attend and couldn’t
but my children Have The privilege of being here Grady’s in preschool
and Brinkley’s In third grade and I think it’s the best education
in the State of Utah Oh my name is Gelsey Armeni.
Hi my name is Nicole and I have a son here in preschool at the
Reid school and um our family really likes the Reid school Because
It provides a good foundation in literacy and we believe If you have
A good foundation in literacy all things just seem to Fall into place
After that um additionally Mrs. Reid here in the Preschool I think
She’s been teaching the preschool class for About 25 years
So she is truly committed to this class and Mrs. Welsh is a great
New comer to the class and a yeah we really Enjoyed it and
Austin has been doing really well ever since we Um joined here.

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