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Pre-handwriting activities: using scissors

Pre-handwriting activities: using scissors

So when you’re using scissors, just doing
some cutting and sticking work, what scissors are really useful for is for developing what
we call the thumb web space and giving it more stability, which you need for holding
a pencil, so that you get a more stable thumb web space. As you can see, we’ve got some good thumb
movements going on there, thank you. Are you going to go along that line? You see, here we’ve got a lovely opening and
closing going on, with the thumb web opening and closing. We need scissor skills for craft and activities,
but what it does do is it encourages separation of hand, which is important for fine motor
skills including holding a pencil. A lot of the children quite often hold scissors
with their thumb and first finger, but it’s not as stable, because you tend to get more
wrist instability. What’s really good, as I was watching over here, is putting the middle
finger in the hole, and the thumb, and putting the index finger on top, so it acts like a
little guider and makes it more stable.

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