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Pre-handwriting activities for children aged three and four

Children make all the basic writing movements
when they’re scribbling, so when they’re little they learn to scribble up and down, then they
scribble in circles and the practice making these shapes is early pre-writing activity,
so later they can turn these circles and lines into letter groups. Really good developmental activity where drawing
at the easel encourages shoulder stability and it’s really important to work in different
planes. And we’ve got some lovely shoulder work going on here, lovely trunk staying still,
good postural stability but being able to isolate the arm for the development of handwriting
skills. And we’ve got a beautiful picture of Mummy! Now we’ve got a picture of Daddy being drawn,
and again can you see how the posture, the weight bearing, the shoulder stability is
a really invaluable activity drawing in vertical position to develop the handwriting skills
for when she gets older. Look at that! Very good, beautiful. Look at that, lovely! Good. And now can you
do me some zips – lines like this? Zip! Lovely, lovely vertical line. And now go zip, that
way. Lovely horizontal line. And then the last one is, do some circles for me. So what we’re doing is we’re moving vertical,
horizontal and circular lines, plus dots… And done! Hooray! Again, done on the easel
to get that shoulder stability and getting that visual motor skill developing. How many dinosaurs do you think there are
in there? How many have you found? Can you count how many you’ve got? I’ve found one
more. You’ve found another one! I know where they are, I see them all. So what we’re really doing here is we’re really
developing what we call – I won’t get too technical – feeling through your fingers without
seeing the object, so he’s feeling the dinosaur through the putty, which is developing that
really important sensory feedback that you need for handwriting, because if you don’t
know which way your fingers are going, how are you going to form your letters? And what
we’re also doing is developing the little muscles of the fingers and we’re also developing
really good shoulder and elbow and forearm stability as well, because he’s doing a manipulative
task while he’s trying to find the dinosaurs. Another one! How many more? And can you see how much he’s working his
body, his upper torso, you know, the upper part of his body, hand-eye coordination…
so there’s lots and lots of very very rich therapeutic benefits of just finding dinosaurs
in a putty.

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