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PRAYER JOURNAL Ideas | Typography Hand Lettering | Faith Bullet Journal | HANDWRITING Fonts, Doodles

PRAYER JOURNAL Ideas | Typography Hand Lettering | Faith Bullet Journal | HANDWRITING Fonts, Doodles

Welcome back to another episode of Art That
Plays and Prays. My name is Ginger. Today I’ll be sharing with you something
that is deeply personal. I’m going to open up my heart to you and
give you a quick peek inside my prayer journal. It’s a bold step for me to do this because
my journal is the keeper of all the promises and words of encouragement I received from
the Lord while praying. It carries words of hope from Scriptures and
quotes from Christian devotionals I read like PocketFuel or, I go to Crosswalk.com for
my devotionals. And this journal carries also the reflections
from my meditations, and even prophecies for my life that haven’t even been fulfilled. It’s a tiny book that’s packed with so much
stuff, not just in terms of reflections, but literally it’s so stuffed that it’s already
bursting at the spine. I honestly hope it isn’t a bad idea to do
this flip-through and that I wouldn’t regret doing this later on. But as you’re watching, go ahead and read. There might be messages here that the Holy Spirit might, might, maybe, use to speak personally to you I hope that as you’re watching, you’ll
also get inspired to start journaling. Because, because you know? It’s actually a good practice to scribble down what you receive in prayer to help you remember. Because at certain points in your future,
you’ll need to go back and read what the Lord promised to do for you. So when you feel like your life is a complete
mess, and you’re like a piece of laundry tumbling around in the dryer with no apparent
direction, like when you feel like quitting and getting out of that endless spin cycle
you’re in because you’re just too discouraged already … guess what? You have these words to toss back at God. You can say, “Oh well Lord, didn’t you
promise years ago that you’ll walk me through this dark valley? Didn’t you promise never to abandon me? Didn’t you say you love me. See I have proof. I wrote down what you said in my journal. Yeah, it’s all here.” Now seriously, I do like to encourage you
to keep a journal. It’s a treasure, not just for yourself,
but for your family, your kids, who well, one day they might find this precious compilation
and realize on hindsight that, oh wow, God was with us all along, like with your family, with you. He was there all along. It’s a great tool to witness to God’s
love, witness to the next generation of your family. As you can see from my journal, I used a lot
of washi tapes, and tags, even postcards as tip-ins. I doodled and smeared in reckless abandon. I didn’t even care to write within the lines. I was as random and messy as I felt at that moment. But it’s okay. It’s alright to mess up. If you noticed, I distressed even the edges of the journal with crayons which I smeared with my fingers. I used random pieces of fabric from old clothes. Like if you noticed, I even have like this elastic, you know that elastic, adjustable garter that you find in the pants of kids. That pink one here. I just used that and cut it up. Whatever found object lies around in your house,
go ahead and pick them up. I threw a lot of them here. And that’s why this journal just broke off the spine. It’s so fat. So in the next journal I’ll show you in
a while, I decided to do away with the crafts and just, I kinda just wrote with a pen. Because I kinda broke off my first journal and I thought I don’t want to break any more notebooks. So in my second journal, there are no more frills. I have nothing in there but paper and pen. So if you think my first journal is too labor-intensive
for you and if it’s a process that will take your mind off of prayer and make you feel
more frustrated, then I suggest don’t do it. Just stick with writing down your reflections. Anyway, that’s all that matters. It’s the documenting of the Scriptures that
really matters at the end of the day. It’s not so much about the embellishments. So there you have it, friends. I hope this video inspired you to start this
year with a handy notebook and pen, to take a trip with the Lord, and to get back to the Bible. I’m Ginger from Art That Plays and Prays. Thank you for keeping me company. Now keep smiling until we meet again.

2 Replies to “PRAYER JOURNAL Ideas | Typography Hand Lettering | Faith Bullet Journal | HANDWRITING Fonts, Doodles”

  • Rebekah Wyatt says:

    What a gift for me today! It went too fast so I took as many screenshots as I could and then read each one slowly! I cannot thank you enough for these encouraging words. Hope this will be put into book form or other forms so that I could put individual pictures places to encourage me and for me to give to others. Remembering to keep you in prayer for your work. May the Lord bless you for sharing, again I thank you!

  • Cat woods says:

    This prayer journal is so so very beautiful and inspiring sister. I love how you allowed the Holy Spirit to guide you through this journey. I hope one day to stop slow down and start one of my own. Thank you so much for sharing 🥰🖊📖📚💜

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