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Practicing Lettering · 30 Ways to Fill a Sketchbook · SemiSkimmedMin

Practicing Lettering · 30 Ways to Fill a Sketchbook · SemiSkimmedMin

Hello my loves, coming at you from the comfort
of my bed today, and in the same sketchbook but I’ve just stuck in some dotted paper
with some pritt stick cos I thought it might come in handy to have some sort of grid background
for today’s practice session. So as the title says, I’m doing some lettering
or typography practice today. I feel like it’s something I’d like to
commit a lot more time to in the future, it really fascinates me to see how people put
together letters and words and like the geometry and stuff behind it, but for now I’m just
kind of experimenting with it. So I started out with what I find to be the
easiest kind of lettering, it’s basically how I write already just a bit more like swirly
and up-and-down and with a fancy ‘r’ and then obviously with added thickness in some
bits to give the impression of like a fountain pen or brush pen. Quick tip for anyone who wants to do this
kind of writing, the line should get thicker on your downward strokes, so anytime the pen
is going down towards you, thats where you would naturally apply more pressure and therefor
give a thicker line if you were using a fountain pen or something. Err and just FYI, I jump around the page a
lot in this one, I was just looking at a random word generator and trying to write the words
in different styles rather than trying to put together this page as like a whole piece. And as you saw a second ago, this was quite
a slow and careful process, or at least it started out like that, but I did have to speed
it up quite a bit or this video would have been really long and taken forever to upload. So yeah apologies if it goes quite quickly,
I’m gonna have to figure out a way to compress my videos in the future so we can slow things
down a bit and see it all in more detail. The only other issue with that is that I never
have enough to talk about for like more than two minutes and I don’t wanna ramble. So yeah moved onto this ampersand here and
I think this ended up being my favourite thing on the page. And I had the sudden urge to add colour and
the only thing I had to hand by my bed was the highlighters I use in my planner so I
went for a sunshiney yellow just to make it stand out. Then I wanted to just try a basic S, well
I thought it would be basic but I actually got it wrong, where I placed the thicker edge
so there I just did it again how it was supposed to look. Those little mistakes are a great way to unlearn
any assumptions you have about how something is drawn anyway. And then I started on this gothic looking
thing that didn’t even turn out to be a real letter, I liked the process of drawing
in that way and got a bit carried away with it. I spent a lot of time gridding this next one
up and then in the end didn’t really use the guidelines so the e ended up a bit to
big for the rest of it and it was all a bit off balance but I kind of fixed that with
just a few decorative bits around it to even things out. I do think having the grid paper helped a
huge amount and its just fun and different to draw on if you never have. Gives things a bit more structure. Then I liked the look of an uppercase L in
this style so I drew that in the background but it kind of ended up merging with the word
charming next to it so i just kind of fiddled with it until it started to look like a separate
piece again. A little bit of shading in the right place
makes all the difference. And by this point, things were getting a bit
messy, the sun was disappearing and my hands weren’t very steady anymore so that last
one could have been better but it was all good practice and I’ll definitely be doing
more stuff like this in the future. Thanks for watching, I’ll be doing some
landscape painting tomorrow which I’m really looking forward to but hopefully you enjoyed
this one, and I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye!

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