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Practice Writing Letters of the Alphabet

Practice Writing Letters of the Alphabet

(gentle music) – [Narrator] If your child
shows they are ready, have them practice writing some letters. When they first start writing, have kids write using capital letters. They’re easier to write, so
kids will have more success. It’s important to remember that children need to look at the letter or letters they’re trying to write. So show them the letter
written clearly, first. Kids often wanna start writing
the letters of their name. Write their names in all capital letters on a piece of paper they can keep. Kids can hold chalk and
write on the ground, use their finger to trace
letters in the sand, or use shaving cream on
the wall during bath time. If your child does not seem
ready to write letters, this is normal. Have them practice just forming shapes, like writing a plus sign, drawing a line, making a circle, or writing
an X using a marker or crayon. These shapes get them
ready to form letters next. (gentle music)

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