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Practical Penmanship: Writing Outside

Practical Penmanship: Writing Outside

hi friends welcome back to another video
on practical penmanship this week’s episode we’re talking about writing
outside If this is your first time here my name is Diego Irigoyen I go by dieyen
dualpen because I write with both hands and if you want to learn about why I do
that you can check out some of the other videos in the practical penmanship
series. so last week’s video the Zen of the pen inspired me to go outside and do
a little writing in that video I had taken a shot where I was up at 5 a.m. as
I normally am and I had the window open with the mic right up to the window so
that I could hear the chirping of the birds in the audio for the video and
that sound, this song that the birds create every single morning was so
soothing and peaceful and calming so I decided that from now on I was going to
take my morning routine and write outside there is something absolutely
breathtaking about this transition that takes place during the early hours of
the day where we get to see darkness turn to light so that morning writing
routine inspired me to go out throughout the day and experience a little bit on
the trail taking my journal with me going out to a park bench spending a
little bit more time outside doing writing and just soaking in the natural
air there’s this great quote I have no idea who said it it goes like this
mental notes are great but the ink fades too quickly I’m the kind of guy who
always keeps a notebook on hand because when ideas do come I need to write them
down in case I ever get any sort of inspiration or any sort of idea I’m not
the kind of person to pull up our phone and type it into your phone I like to
take notes by hand so I always have that notebook on and I found that being
outside I struck ideas more often and I had to
pull up that notebook a little bit more often and I would go out and just walk
around a little bit on myself or with a friend and I found that ideas were just
flowing and there’s something about being outside that it’s so inspirational there
are so many adventures to be found when you’re outside so many different little
nooks and cranny’s little world that you’ve never seen before that can be so
relaxed or so interesting or so inspiring and motivating so go out
into your neighborhood I want you guys to see if you can find anything you’ve
never found before or enjoy a view you didn’t know was there anything that can
just change a little bit of your day to day and it’s nice to find a bench every
once in a while that you can just relax and sit and write I like to go hiking
often and I’m really blessed I have a Trail close by my house where I can go
quickly and come back within the span of an hour and get some time outside this
week I decided I was going to take my journal with me and actually go and sit
out at this park a little bit longer and just extend that time outside. In general
going outside was extremely motivating and it got me excited for the day, it
gave me so many ideas for what to do with my day how to better spend my time
what sort of ideas I could bring back into my artwork and although I love my office I have this
beautiful window with no light in the end it doesn’t really match up to being
outside back when I was going to college I remember I used to always go outside
to have my lunches I would spend time in between classes under a tree I brought
my whole setup with me I had a blanket that would unfold and I would hang out
have lunch maybe do a little bit of studying under a tree and I remember
those days it was so invigorating it was so energizing to be outside and doing
that first thing in the morning is giving me a lot of those same sort of
benefits. So peaceful and calming but simultaneously it’s giving me a lot of
energy and ideas to move on into my day with keep a notebook on you at all times
keep a pen that you can rely on on you at all times and this way any great
ideas come to you in the spur of the moment you can write them down I really
want to encourage you guys to get out there take a notebook with you and do a
little bit of writing on the outside find a nice bench to write at maybe you
can find this great view and just spend a little bit of time and enjoying what the
world has to offer and take notes you

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