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Polish for beginners. Lesson 1. Alphabet & pronunciation

Polish for beginners. Lesson 1. Alphabet & pronunciation

Hello everyone You’re watching this video to learn Polish. Congratulations! That’s a good decision! My name is Aneta, I’m Polish and I teach Polish to foreigners. I hope you’ll enjoy my videos. Firstly, let me just tell you something about Polish language. It’s a
Slavic language, just like Russian, Ukrainian or Bulgarian. It’s a part of the West Slavic branch, just like Czech or Slovak
languages. That’s why they are so similar. Okay,
let’s start with the alphabet. Vowels first. Repeat after me. You see here that “u” might be written in two ways. It’s just about the writing the pronunciation is the same. And when you see this sign, you will know that it’s just about the writing and we
pronounce it the same because we have some other examples. You will see later. In Polish we also have to nasal vowels. Just look. Okay, and now try to read those words or repeat after me, whatever you prefer. For me the sound “ą” sounds a bit like the one when you.. The one that you make when you say in English “I own” something or “my own” “My own cat”. Okay? It’s just without that “n” at the end. It differs but it might be a bit helpful for you. Okay, now try to read these words. Okay, very good. Now let’s move to consonants. Repeat after me. And now read those words and then repeat after me. There is also the other part of the consonants. Have a look. And now practice. Great! Don’t worry it’s too hard for you. It’s usually
hard at the beginning but it will get better with time, you will see.
Okay, that was the whole alphabet Just I would like to tell you
something about the accent in Polish language. It’s usually the same, on the same syllable, which is
the second syllable from the end. Have a look. See? It’s really easy. Of course there are some exceptions but we will skip that for now. Ok, that’s all for today. I hope that
you enjoyed it and thanks for watching! See you soon, on the second lesson! Bye!

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