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Playwright Julia Cho speaks about AUBERGINE

Playwright Julia Cho speaks about AUBERGINE

Hi my name is Julia Cho and I’m the writer of AUBERGINE Right before I started writing AUBERGINE I’d gone through a period of time where I wasn’t really writing much of anything at all. I was feeling tapped out and drained and also just sad I’d gone through an experience where I had lost my father who had died at home in hospice So in the face of all these things that I didn’t know how to write about didn’t particularly want to write about Berkeley Repertory Theatre approached me with the idea of writing a short play about food It was a very simple assignment, and it actually sounded enjoyable And so I took it on But I quickly found that in writing about food I ended up writing about memory and writing about meals I’d had The people I’d had those meals with And I quickly found that all the things that I hadn’t been trying to write about Kept coming up And the result is AUBERGINE A play that is about loss But also very much about food and memory It’s not just about the meals we have with those we love It’s also I suppose the meals be once had that we feel like we may never be able to have again And I feel very much that the play at its core is also just to play about life About the things that we carry with us The things that we eat And why we eat the things we eat And even though the play is about a very specific experience And is in some ways maybe even other I hope very much that it’s a play that resonates with you And feels like that it could be your story too AUBERGINE is a play about food about memory and about family Thanks very much for watching

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  • Seeker of Truth says:

    Anyone seen this play yet? What are the reviews like? Just curious.

  • Pete Kim says:

    I watched this play twice at Everyman Theater in Baltimore. The last one was played on the rainy Sunday night. very impressive one which reminded of my late father who died 21 years ago. He would have been 101 year old today and had enjoyed "Cold Noodle (Naeng Myun)" that was very common in his hometown, Ham Kyung Do (part of North Korea). He never had seen or spoken to his family because of division of Korea..

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