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PitStop Pro 12 – Missing font service

PitStop Pro 12 – Missing font service

Welcome to PitStop 12. The following video is one in a series of clips designed to highlight the latest features available in PitStop Version 12. PitStop 12 introduces a very exciting new feature, namely a missing font cloud service in
cooperation with Monotype, the world’s leading font vendor. In every survey on problems related to
the processing of PDF files the problem of missing fonts appears at the
top of the list. It’s difficult to guess how many hours
have been spent in getting the correct files, how many deadlines have been missed, how many jobs have been reprinted, all as
a result of missing fonts. One thing is certain: the amount of money that is lost as a result of missing fonts is simply staggering. Enfocus and Monotype now offer a
cloud-based solution to solve this problem. On one hand, PitStop Pro and PitStop Server know perfectly well what fonts are missing from a file. And on the other hand, Monotype baseline platform has tens of thousands of fonts in its online library. There is now an exclusive link between PitStop and Monotype baseline platform to automatically or semi-automatically
embed the missing fonts in your document with the correct font from the cloud. For a nominal fee per missing font instance, you can now make sure the deadline is not missed because you could not get a hold of somebody to provide you with the correct file. There are three places in PitStop Pro where a check for missing fonts can make
a connection to Monotype’s cloud server. First, when you run a Preflight profile,
that checks for unembedded fonts and also has the fix option switched on. Second, when you run an Action List or a global
change to embed fonts. For these first two cases the option to
automatically check for missing fonts on the Monotype baseline system must be
on in the preferences. A third way is to run the ‘Purchase missing
fonts’ function from the PitStop Pro menu. When there are missing fonts you’ll
always be presented with a dialog box that gives an overview of the font issues. Regardless of what method above is used, there are again three possible cases. The missing font is available on your
system, so no purchase is necessary. The font is available for purchase on
the Monotype baseline platform or is not available locally nor on the
cloud service and is therefore still missing. The dialog box gives you a preview of the document with the available fonts embedded and lets you browse through the document
to preview the problematic text instances. You have all the information necessary to judge whether the purchase of the missing fonts is desired or not. At the bottom it says how many tokens
are required for the purchase of the missing fonts. More information on tokens to follow. And you can click ‘Do not buy’ or ‘Buy and save’. In PitStop Pro there is never an automatic purchase of
missing fonts. Before any of this will work, you must
configure access to the Monotype baseline system. You do that by creating an account. There is a link in the PitStop Pro preferences. Once your account has been created, you can purchase batches of tokens. Every token will give you the right to embed one font in one document. The current price is 1.5 dollars per token, which is a lot lower than the purchase
price of the font and the cost of a missed deadline. It does not matter if the document is a single-page PDF or a multiple-page PDF with thousands of pages. The cost is always the same. Your account
information will also give you an authentication key. You must copy and paste this in the
preferences and you’ll be set up to use the Monotype baseline platform in
combination with PitStop Pro and ready to combat one of the main
productivity killers. In PitStop Server there is of course no
operator available to make a ‘Buy’ or ‘Do not buy’ decision, so you will have to configure PitStop Server’s behavior with regards to the handling of missing fonts. There is an overall setting in the preferences and per queue you can define the behavior separately. Wherever you define the use of the
purchase capability you’ll have to provide the unique key
that gives access to a particular account. Please be sure to watch all PitStop 12
related videos which demonstrate even more features.

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