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Pilot Parallel Pen – CHANCERY CURSIVE (minúsculas / lowercase)

Pilot Parallel Pen – CHANCERY CURSIVE (minúsculas / lowercase)

Wait a minute, guys, don’t go yet. I have something to say before the end of this video. I want to tell you I’m going to change the dynamics of calligraphy videos for you, my audience, can participate in the choice of typeface. How am I going to do this? It’s very simple. From now on, at the end of each capital letter calligraphy video, I’ll put you two options and you will choose what you prefer for the following videos. All you have to do is decide the one you like the most and write it in the comments of that video. Calligraphy with the most votes will be chosen for the next time. Do you like this dynamic? Let’s try to see if it works. I encourage you to participate right in the following video, which will come out this Friday. Everyone go to comment!! Goodbye.

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