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Phonics Letter X | Learning Street With Bob | Alphabets Videos For Babies | ABC Songs by Kids Tv

Phonics Letter X | Learning Street With Bob | Alphabets Videos For Babies | ABC Songs by Kids Tv

Hi kids! Guess who’s here Yes its me “Bob” Join me for learning street with bob “Hello Kids! I am Bob the Train, your DJ & Host. Welcome to our phonics show “Our participants in this show are the letters of the alphabet. Isn’t that cool? They will sing, dance and teach us sounds that start with the letters. Now, let’s say a big hello and welcome to our wonderful judges” Are you ready, judges? Yes Bob! Two sticks crossed together wearing a hat with a feather Please welcome Mr. X
X X X Mr. X X X X, Mr. X X X X, if you can say
Put up your hands and go yay! It’s a Christmas tree yes I agree
But I like calling it an X-Mas tree. An X X X-mas tree, An X X X-mas tree. A lovely tinkly musical tone Is what comes when you play a xylophone A X X xylophone, A X X xylophone. It can see right through your vest
An X-ray can even see inside your chest An X X X x-ray, An X X X x- ray. You know where I keep my stuff?
In a box, where there is space enough A B. O. X X X X box, A B. O. X X X X box What’s that furry thing going running?
Ah! It’s a fox that is so cunning. An F. O. X X X X fox, An F. O. X X X X fox When I see a broken toy
To fix it, gives me so much joy F. I. X X X X fix, F. I. X X X X fix Can you count the number of sticks
One, two, three, four, five and six. S. I. X X X six, S. I. X X X six. We use molten wax to make
The candles we see on a birthday cake W. A. X X X X wax, W. A. X X X X wax Mr. X, thank you for being here
Judges, can the scores appear? Extremely nice! Extra sweet! Excellent! Extra Awesome! Thank you Mr. X, and you Awesome Judges. We will be back soon with the sweet sound of other letters of the alphabet. Till then Adios ! Hey kids! Watch the video again and count the number of words That start with the letter of the alphabet in this episode Don’t forget to put your answers in the comment section below Thank You!

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