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Hey guys hi I’m Manjita and this is Onya
she’s my friend say hi to my subscribers hi subscribers
thank you well she’s from Ireland she’s an Irish and of course she’s living in
Australia like me I’m from India I’m living in Australia so I was just
talking to or Onya the other day and we were in fact discussing our experience
in Australia because we both have different accent when we speak English
and what your experience was so I was infact she will give you some snippets of
her experience in Australia with her accent in English so if you want to
share with them yes so I have quite a broad Irish accent and so I do come up
quite frequently against people who maybe don’t quite understand what I’m
saying and then I have to kind of break down what I’m saying explain it in a bit
more detail and one example is at my work where I have to give my email
address so my name is not really spelt how you pronounce it so okay so her name
is Onya that’s how we call her and that’s how she calls herself so what do
you think the spelling could be of Onya I think it’s ONYA did you guys
also think that? well let’s reveal the secret most people think
that but it’s spelt the traditional Irish way which is AINE. okay so
that’s AINE and she calls it ONYA. yeah so I guess I too have a
story when I came to Australia long time back the way I used to say the
letter A was completely different I think in Australia they say in a very… how do say in IRELAND?
A… okay so we say A but in Australia I think they say it as A. so
you have also felt that and I have also felt that and that’s why we’re doing this I
think she has to explain the spelling of her name phonetically and
many times I do that especially the a and I in my name I have to spell it
phonetically so I guess that’s what this episode is all about we’re talking about
how and where all should we use phonetic letters it’s very important no
matter how do you pronounce a particular letter in English depending on which
country you’re from if the other person is not understanding because it because
there are a lot of letters which are similar to sound like p e b d the other
person doesn’t understand so how would you explain what that letter is so we’ll
get deep into it but before that why don’t I share my
conversation with an Australian on this funny thing called A so here it comes so guys those were the 26 phonetic letters well I tried roping in
my family and friends so that you can get a flavor of different pronunciation
and you would understand how going ahead would you spell your name,
place are anything under the Sun using the phonetic alphabet so I’m sure
you’ve learnt a lot .I’m sure they have you are my rock star thank you will be a
champion soon give this video a like a thumbs up if you found it useful and you
enjoyed it and learnt something new and do share it with everyone because let them
also learn this and spread across the love and knowledge and do not forget to
drop in your comments and expand share your experiences around this and if you
are new to this channel then subscribe and press the bell I can so that you can
get a notification of my new upload every time the next video will be quite
interesting so don’t forget to watch it I’m sure that most of us until now
we’re not aware of the phonetic letter or alphabet or did not use it so
frequently and hence we were in this situation what situation see it for yourself
bye take care A as in apple P as in Pineapple O as in… C’mmon Manjita think of something creative or professional. Not the name of a fruit again, please. E for Iglu. L as in laptop, u as in urangutan, O as in…. H as in Honolullu. O as in Orange


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