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Personal Pronoun I Part 2 Loops Handwriting Analysis Graphology

Personal Pronoun I   Part 2 Loops   Handwriting Analysis Graphology

The Personal Pronoun “I”, Part 2 – Loops and Handwriting. I’m Fiona MacKay Young and in this video we are going to look at the Personal Pronoun “I” and it’s Part 2 video, and in this part we’re going to look at loops. If you haven’t seen Part 1 yet, if you look at the top right of your screen, there will be an little “i”, information box. If you click on that that will take to that video, or I’ll also put a link below in the description box. This video, Part 2, Loops in the Personal Pronoun “I” and handwriting Coming right up.

6 Replies to “Personal Pronoun I Part 2 Loops Handwriting Analysis Graphology”

  • Shawn Mendes says:

    I know this is so random but I just wanna ask what it means when a person's signature only has his/her first name

  • eclyectk jackson says:


  • rumination says:

    Great video! What does it mean by separate influence? Does that mean the parents were divorced? Thanks.

  • Wikid Lejend says:

    Haha guilty of the lower case L shaped I. Makes alot of sense ^_^

  • In The 12th House says:

    I have just a stright line for independence. That is correct, I am older already and both parents are dead, but I always longed for parental influence when I was a child (and I guess I still miss it). I wonder if trying to make loops in my I's would give me peace from that unfulfilled quest for having had caring parents?

  • Sambudh Maitra says:

    Do open loops have any major significance?
    If the head of the looped I is very sharp or edgy, does it mean something special?

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