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Personal Pronoun “I” Part 1 Handwriting Analysis Graphology

Personal Pronoun “I” Part 1 Handwriting Analysis Graphology

The Personal Pronoun “I” and Handwriting. I’m Fiona MacKay Young and in this video we’re
going to look at the Personal Pronoun “I’. How you write the letter “I” when you are
referring to me, myself, I is different than when you write it as the capital letter in
the word Italy or at the beginning of a sentence for another word. It’s the personal pronoun when it’s used personally
for you. There are a great many meanings that come out of how you write that and I’m going to show you them all coming right up. The Personal Pronoun “I” and Handwriting.

5 Replies to “Personal Pronoun “I” Part 1 Handwriting Analysis Graphology”

  • Niels Erik Pedersen says:

    This one is also a fine one, with good examples, Fiona <3. In Scandinavia vi don't have the "I", we have "jeg", written with non-capitals. Interesting is: In a lot of cases we see OVERCOMPENSATION, i.e. people clothe lack of self esteem in those "boosted" forms. The gestalt approach is a good tool here.

  • celeriacmarcus says:

    In some countries the capital I has no loops. How you interpret those?

  • M. F. Richardson says:

    Enjoyed and learned from your videos.
    Thank you.

  • Deboprotim Sarkar says:

    under emotion and over emotion both affect our decision making process …how to balance between them through graphology

  • Richard Wolfe says:

    Your graphology videos are better than all the others. My time is valuable but there is great value in every minute of you videos.

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