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Perfecting 3D Acrylic Flowers

Perfecting 3D Acrylic Flowers

Hi, I’m Suzie from Nail Career Education and I wanna show you how to do 3D acrylic flowers (music, camera shutter sounds) I’ve got a few tricks and tips that can help us get these big, fat petals let’s get started. (intro music) So, this is a lot of detail, so I need my glasses for sure and one of the most important tools we need is acrylic 3D brush now you can do this with a big, fat, oval 8 or an oval 6, or an oval 10, oval 12 but it’s gonna be a giant petal see how tiny that is that’s what we need, a really, really tiny but when you’re working with this tiny, it’s also difficult because you’ve gotta work with it very small less acrylic less monomer and less powder okay, let’s get some monomer in our dish, liquid monomer just enough to cover the bottom, we don’t need a lot of liquid here actually, I did this design in the glitter in a previous video and I liked it so much, I thought it’d be a really nice back drop for some flowers so I was just sort of messing around at the shop and the reason why I’m having difficulty with these is the bead must be worked very, very dry the wetter it is, there’s no definition in your petal and then placement of the petal is also really super important so I’ve done the little ones in a video before, but those are just tiny, tiny little ones and they’re more of just a simple, a daisy petal or something but this is more flattened out and I seem to have better luck with doing that shape one thing I did learn too is the first few petals when they go down if this, if you’ve top coated it acrylic will stick to acrylic, and I’ve already top coated, or if it’s gel, same thing it’ll stick to it, but I noticed it slides around when you do the first few petals so if you know where you’re gonna do your flowers, just give it a very light buffing of where you know those petals are gonna land so I’m suspecting my petals are gonna be around here this just helps me pat down those petals a little bit better so I’m gonna use a very pure white not a see-through white, make sure it’s a really nice white make my brush nice and wet but I’m gonna take off quite a bit of excess now these beads are the smallest beads you will ever, ever make they’ll be the driest beads you’ll ever make so I’m gonna go into my powder now watch this guy it is sooooo tiny that’s a little bigger than normal but that’s a pretty good one then I go to my paper towel and I’m gonna rest it on my paper towel to get rid of the excess and sometimes it’s so dry it’ll just fall off my brush that, believe it or not, is not a bad bead you wanna stick with that so I’m gonna place this here and again, if you don’t buff it, it might not stick very well it’s all in the angles of my brush I’m gonna put the point on the inside, so this is the inside of the petal here and I’m gonna fan it out so I’m gonna press down so I keep drying my brush, I go to the paper towel and I keep drying that brush and I’m gonna fan this petal out this is hard because usually when I’m doing myself, I’m like this but I’m trying to keep it so you guys can see so you just wanna keep fanning it out and it does work if it gets kind of a see-through-ness, that’s actually to your advantage makes it look better sometimes I’ll even hit the edge a little bit to just pick the petal up and give it a bit of an edge sorta define that, oop, I went a little too far there eh? now that doesn’t look like much but it is the first petal of a bunch okay, so I’ve got the one petal down, I’m gonna go in some liquid very little, very, very little it’s amazing and hit the side of the dish so you draining some of off of your brush, so you don’t have a lot of liquid go into your powder and get a little bitty ball now I’m gonna go to my paper towel again and just release some of the liquid off of that tip and then I’m going to place my bead on there again and when I go away like that, I’m actually releasing some more liquid off of my brush that bead’s not gonna go anywhere, if it’s a really wet one, it’ll just mlllhhhhh if it’s really dry, it’ll fall off you might wanna get it back again because you do want them on the dry side now take that tip and flatten it it’s a little too wet so I’m gonna release some more liquid so you’re basically, to exagerate, you’re getting the tip in there and bending it backwards almost like peeling back the leaf it is so detailed you know, over the years, every now and then I’ll try these and I always disappoint myself some people will look at it and go ‘oh no, that looks good, you’re getting it’ but I think they’re just being nice I just didn’t feel it, you know? that looks good but I keep revisiting it every now and I think, ‘okay, no, I, I’m gonna go at it again’ actually, I really like these petals you can I don’t know if Cameraman you can pick these up but can you see the bit of texture in there that the brush has created? you can see that?! Cameraman – it looks like a textured leaf, really Suzie – yeah it looks like the veins that would be in a petal Cameraman – oh yeah, leaf, ha ha, petal, I guess that’s the term Suzie – I knew what you meant Cameraman – I don’t know flowers that good Suzie – no that’s actually really cute, okay you know why I think it’s good? when I’m talking to you, I’m actually doing it slower and I’m thinking about it, I’m not hurrying and it’s actually turning out better! so that’s another tip is just take your time these are killer, man took me forever to really wrap my head around it so I’m revising em again, I was just playing in the shop and just thought I’m gonna try them again just for fun and I was starting to really understand it a bit better you know, for some people, they just get it a lot quicker and I just couldn’t seem to wrap my head around these ones okay, release and then we’re gonna place it as a third- OOP! see that? that went away, oh here he is I don’t know if you can see it Cameraman Cameraman – yeah
Suzie – I’m actually gonna get it Cameraman – you got fuzz on it? Suzie – nope
Cameraman – nope? oh the only thing in the house that doesn’t have cat hair on it Cameraman – yeah Suzie – and I’m gonna put that there, again placement I tended to place them too close together too I always screwed that up and then I’m gonna clean off my brush getting excited now, I gotta slow down then I’m going to- this might be a good angle I’m going to take the tip of my brush, you see? and push it out push it out just kind of like, really press gonna make this a 3 petal so I’m gonna stretch it right over okay, that’s not bad see this is where I usually screw it up, is the next bunch (gasp) I really like those ones, I did good there maybe even better than this one this is where I seem to mess it up I get my foundation petals down but when I start going into the inner petals I make a mess of it I don’t know what I do wrong okay, I’m going in to get some more liquid hope I don’t mess this part up I’m gonna get another bead gonna release it fell off again, I’m gonna grab it I think I’ll put it right here I hope that’s right placement and I’m gonna fan it out this way I do know that you wanna overlap leaves so that’s why I placed it here because I’m gonna put this guy that might be too big, but release liquid release the liquid I’m trying to overlap, see these two flowers where they’re meeting each other? that’s where I’m trying to put this petal in there because I’m getting into the center of the flower, if you know how a flower is built think I’ll leave that yeah I’m not gonna touch that see that? see the texture? Cameraman – oh yeah, I love that Suzie – isn’t that pretty? so, the deal is, if you don’t have a dried bead you know what? I’m gonna show you what happens I’ve got my finger that I did the other day with this design and I’m gonna show you what happens if you do it too mushy it’s amazing, cause this is holding its texture which is what I love it’s holding it but if you have too much liquid in it it’ll soften, it just looks like a white cloud so that’s what I’m gonna show you so I’m getting in some liquid getting me bead I’m gonna release then I’m going to flatten, flatten, flatten okay now, we’ll hold that there for a second and when that dries, maybe it’ll do what I want it to do okay so I’ll put that aside so we can just check that out in a bit okay, so I’m really happy with those, now let’s hope I don’t mess this next part up it’s all about placement too get s- liquid gonna go into me powder hope that’s not too big I’m gonna release on the paper towel again hold it there for a few seconds oh, and it rolls off I’m gonna cut it in half too, I think it’s too big then I’m gonna put that guy in there I’m gonna overlap between these two petals here I’m trying to put a nice big petal in between that oh, gonna clean off me brush and I’m gonna go in angle it, all about the angles keep releasing liquid out of your petal out of you petal, well, out of your petal and your brush whenever you touch it the liquid goes back into the brush go onto the paper towel and get rid of it that I think I’m doing that more with, while I’m doing this with you and I think that’s to my advantage, I think that’s making a drier petal look at the detail in that, let’s hope it stays and it doesn’t just dry out, see that? okay, so it’s getting there, now let’s take a look at this one, it’s dried up a bit see how if I have too much liquid in it, there’s no definition in that petal? Cameraman – woah that makes a big difference
Suzie – it sure does, doesn’t it? Look at the diff so just that little bit of extra liquid mushes the whole thing you can’t see the definition of the petal so it turns it into from being just a white blob on there (laughing) to an actual petal I learned a lot even just doing this with you guys, just walkin’ it through I like that okay no there’s always a question as an artist, you’re always like should I do more petals or should I do this? and, and you can over do a design so I’m a little afraid to do that at this point so I think what I’m gonna do is get my diamond in there, I’m just gonna throw a diamond in the center just getting a little tiny bit of product and I’m gonna pick up a diamond here just gonna throw this guy in there just in the center there isn’t that cute? now there’s one thing I do wanna show you it’s getting a little jiggy with the petals but you can go in and get your liquid go in get a little tiny bead for your flower and go into a color just do the tip of that lay it down clean your brush, take that moisture right out of the tip of the brush and then start to make that petal flatten it out and I’m sure you can see what’s happening here it is like you know those cool flowers you can buy now that have different color tips of the petal? see that tip? see how that purple lines the tip of it? hmmmm that’s really cute okay, so I’m gonna finish up this purple one okay you know, I learned a lot even just doing that I like it with the purple it would look neat if it was on a solid color though, I have to say, like a black or white, or a sky blue, or yellow it’s endless okay, I’m gonna do something a little different for the center make this one a dry bead as well and very tiny (whispering) very tiny this is just my little center bud now you just take it like a little bead, this is just directly of the purple just only purple and it’s like a little circle and you just kinda dig a little hole in the center of it (high pitched) oh I’m so excited! I actually got so much better so these are my first ones in the salon the other day and this one I did for you and this one is my purple edged one and I actually really like, I think it’s better than all of them subjective of course you can also do this as an inlay and you can see if you can see it sideways, see how thin that is? if you do that on a first layer of acrylic, very, very tiny then do your flowers, you can inlay it, put your clear capping over top looks very cool, I gotta try that too I’m really happy with this was so much fun! I can’t believe I’m actually getting it this is something I’ve been trying to do for quite sometime and I’m actually getting it Cameraman – I love it! Suzie – you love it? (laughing) Cameraman – and I’m not a big fan of flowers Suzie – yeah, you don’t have to buy me flowers, I’ll just make my own Cameraman – hey, I love that, that’s a great idea (Suzie laughing) I’m really super loving this, let’s check out the reveals, I’m so excited I see more acrylic flowers in my future (giggle) thanks for joining me, I had so much fun see you soon (outro music)

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