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People FAIL At The World’s SIMPLEST Tasks | Try Not To Fail

People FAIL At The World’s SIMPLEST Tasks | Try Not To Fail

– I don’t know the second one’s name!
I don’t know the second one’s name! – Mmm.
– Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh! He’s gonna flick it,
he’s gonna flick it! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we’ve got a
Try Not To Fail challenge for ya. – No! (laughs)
I’m not good at that! – Well. (laughs) – Oh, good luck. (laughs) – Ouch!
– I’m just playing. – Ooh, hadn’t started yet! – (FBE) For each round,
we’re gonna be putting you through a series of tasks,
each of which has a distinct goal that needs to be accomplished. – Okay.
– (FBE) And you’ll be competing against each other to see
who completes the task first. So if you complete the task first,
you get a point. If you fail at the task, however,
you will lose a point. – Ooh. – (FBE) So even if the other person
finishes first, you still have to complete
whatever you do. – Okay.
– High stakes. – (FBE) So the first thing
we’re gonna have you do is to see if you can spot
two iconic animated characters that are hidden inside a photo
filled with video game characters. – Are you gonna tell me
the characters? – (FBE) No. – Wait.
– What? – Aw, that’s gonna be harder for me.
– What the fudge? – I’m gonna be the one
to get distracted going “oh, there’s that guy!” – (FBE) So you’ll see
a series of characters that are in Super Smash Bros. – (Kendelle) Oh, okay! – Aw.
– (FBE) So, within there, there’s gonna be two characters
that definitely originated from movies. They are not
Super Smash Bros. characters. – Okay.
– Okay, okay, okay! – So they’re not in Smash Bros. – (FBE) They’re not in Smash Bros.,
but they’re from movies. – So they’re just any animated.
– Okay. – Oh, they’re from movies!
– Okay, okay, okay cool. – Wow, I’m really cockeyed right now. – I don’t know
the second person’s name, but I got the first one.
Fudge! – Elsa and Woody.
(bell rings) – (FBE) That is correct! – Beat me to it,
I was trying to find the second! – I feel like if I shout it out,
I’m gonna be wrong. Oh, Woody and Elsa!
(bell rings) – (FBE) That is correct! – Where do you see Woody?
– Woody’s here, Elsa’s here. – Oh [bleep]. – I don’t know the second one’s name!
I don’t know the second one’s name! – I’m still trying to find
the second one. – I found both of them.
– Oh, (laughs) Woody and Elsa! (bell rings)
– [Bleep]! – Oh.
– Woody and Elsa! (bell rings)
– [Bleep] I didn’t see Elsa. (laughs) – Ugh, yeah, it took me a long time.
(Brittany screams) – Could you run Elsa?
I feel like Elsa would kick ass. – Elsa would kick ass, exactly.
– Yeah. – Woody would just be like.
(laughs) – (FBE) So next up, we’re gonna
keep the laptop up for a second, because you’re gonna be
tying a bow tie. – Awesome!
– Yeah, boy! – I’m excited! – My most recent picture on Instagram
is me with a bow tie, and I tied that.
– Okay, hold on, wait a minute. But here’s what’s more impressive.
I haven’t tied a bow tie in six years. So.
– Oh, then have fun beating me at tying a bow tie!
– Oh, the fact that I’m still gonna beat your ass
is what’s gonna be hilarious. – You say that,
but you don’t even know if you know how to tie
a bow tie right. – I do! – (FBE) Alright.
– Okay. – (FBE) Don’t worry though. We will be showing you
an instructional video that’ll show you
how to make a bow tie. – I feel like this is a trick. – I have, I can’t focus right now.
I can’t function. I’m jittery in my jellies right now,
I can’t. – This is literally the video
I watched when I was teaching myself. – Make one in.
– I’m not even kidding. – Oh, you’re lying!
– This is literally the video I watched when I was working
at the candy store teaching myself. – (instructor) On the longer side.
– Ooh, love your accent. – (instructor) It’s pretty much
like tying a shoelace. – What do we have to do,
tell us. Mmm.
– (instructor) The shorter side. – I can’t focus!
(both laugh) – What?
– (instructor) And it’s like magic. – Yeah, it’s like magic,
I just, I don’t understand. – Now his has always been way nicer
than any of the ones I’ve tied. – Really?
– I can still do it pretty well. – Did it work?
Did I distract you pretty well? – I mean, I don’t know,
I guess we’ll find out. – (FBE) Here are your bow ties. – Ooh!
– Yeah! – Oh, I like mine. – Yours matches your hair,
it’s cute. – Oh! – (FBE) Three, two, one, tie!
– I’m very nervous. Okay. – (laughs) You look like
you’re choking yourself. – If only.
(both laugh) I don’t know where to go from here. That’s it, that’s all I got so far. – (laughs) I don’t know
what I’m doing. – Aw, she’s faster than me. [bleep] – He mentioned…
– Oh my God. – About going through. – It’s hard ’cause I can’t see
what I’m doing. – Ready?
– (laughs) Looks gorgeous darling. – I feel like Mickey Mouse. – I’m really close, I feel it. – I’ll wait til she succeeds.
(buzzer rings) – (FBE) (laughs) You’re giving up? – I have no idea what to do next! – We got that.
– Go through. – Then we got that. – Good. Hey, Austin, does this look good?
(buzzer rings) – Yes, it looks very good.
(bell rings) – I think this is prettier. – (FBE) Yeah, you failed.
– I made a scarf! – Mine’s like basically done.
– Teehee. – Mine was done. – Were we done at the same time?
– Mine was done, mine was done. – I feel like we were
pretty much done at the same time. – That’s, that’s pretty damn close.
(Brittany laughs) – (FBE) Alright Brittany,
I’m gonna give that one to ya. – I think so,
I would yeah, I’d be upset for you. – (FBE) Next up, you’re gonna need to remember some
elementary school cursive! – Oh, easy!
– Mmm. I feel pretty good about this.
– Oh man. – I don’t know how
to write in cursive! – You were never taught
how to do that? – No, I didn’t go to school here. – Oh.
(Brittany laughs) – Well, things are looking up! – (FBE) Welp, here’s gonna be
your sentence. You’re gonna have to write out
a sentence that contains every letter in the alphabet. The quick brown fox
jumps over the lazy dog. – Okay, I’m already failing. – What is a cursive Z? (laughs)
What is a cursive Z? – Nope!
I already [bleep] it up. – Man, I actually have to remember
like what the cursive letters to look like, ’cause I don’t write…
– Done! – See, like I’m focusing on,
oh wait, I gotta finish it still. – I hated this [bleep]
in middle school! I mean elementary school. – You look adamant about it though,
you’re like “I hated it!” – Like that?
(laughs) – Let’s see. – I’m so sorry! (laughs) This is so bad. – (FBE) Chelsea does not look
excited for the results of this one. – I’m not happy.
There, no, no, it’s okay! – (FBE) The quick brown fox
jumps over the lazy dog. Jair, you do get the point.
– Oh! What?
I feel it! – Let’s go, man.
– Yours is good though, I will say, you actually did cursive. – (FBE) Ethan, the quick brown fox
jumps over the lazy dog. Alright, you did not fail
at that challenge. – Yeah!
– You did well, you did good! – (FBE) I’m gonna give it to ya. – To who?
– (FBE) To you! – You.
– Me, yes! – (FBE) So Kendelle, I’m gonna say
you failed that one. – Man, I forgot how to do a Z.
(buzzer rings) – (FBE) A lot of really good
potential here. But unfortunately I’m gonna say
that you both failed. (buzzer rings)
– That’s fine, that’s fair. – (FBE) Sorry guys, unfortunately,
you both failed that round. – Ah, I’m now at negative,
or no, I’m at, yeah, negative one, right?
– Yeah, I’m negative. – (FBE) You’re actually
at negative two, ’cause you failed the bow tie.
(Michelle sighs) – You almost won that one.
So I think that counts. You know, to me, you won. – It was that U and that W. – (FBE) Next up, you’re going to
hang on to your pens and your elementary school knowledge. – No, wait, don’t tell me it’s math. – (FBE) We’re gonna do
some multiplication! – [Bleep]!
– Awesome! – Alright, I’ll see you guys later.
I’m out! – (FBE) So each of you
will have 20 problems to do, and remember, you can’t fail.
– Okay. – You good at this? – Uh, it depends on the math. – This [bleep]. – (FBE) So each of you have
the same multiplication table. Whoever finishes first is the winner,
but if you do finish second, don’t stop, because whoever finished first
has any errors in their table, the other person has the chance
to steal the point. – Alright!
– [Bleep]. – (FBE) In three, two, one, math! – Oh my gosh! How are you doing this so fast? I don’t even know where to start! – I’m just doing
all the easy ones right now. – Aw [bleep]! – What is the answers? – (FBE) Alright,
Michelle finishes first. No Chelsea, you gotta finish yours. You gotta finish.
– Can I just fail? – Eight times nine is 72. (laughs) Okay, I’m done! – Ah, my brain, is brain fart! [Bleep]!
– Okay. – Um, that’s…
– I’m done. – Alright, this is wrong,
but you know, here you go. – This seems wrong. Some of my answers are the same. – (FBE) So you’re gonna be
grading each other’s papers. – Oh!
– (FBE) You can go ahead and swap. – ‘Kay. – (FBE) So going in order,
the answers should be 70, 18, 32, 63, 24.
(both laugh) 72, 15, 18, 20, 35, okay? – Yeah, I screwed up already, dang it. – (FBE) 42. – Yep!
– Hey, I knew it! – (FBE) 40, 36, 12, 21.
– Yeah. – (FBE) 18, 66, 32, eight, and 144. (Kendelle laughs)
– Damn! I thought that might be wrong.
– We got the! (laughs) – (FBE) Alright, well Michelle,
you do get a point there. Chelsea, unfortunately,
you lose a point there. – So what was the point
of finishing? – I’ll give her my win. – He got them all!
(bell rings) – Yeah.
– Dude, I [bleep] up. – Yeah.
– Right here. (buzzer rings)
– [Bleep]. – I Put six… (laughs) – (FBE) Alright, well since
neither of you failed, you’re each gonna keep
your current score, but Jair gets an extra point,
because she finished first. – That’s okay. I just got stuck on those two
for a second. That’s why that one has
a [bleep] weird ass [bleep] on top. I’m like wait, I’m like no, that’s 32!
What am I doing? – (FBE) So finally we’re gonna play
the one game that has caused more fails
than any other… – Flappy Bird.
– (FBE) Jenga. (Michelle smacks lips) – Fudge!
– Ooh, ooh. – Oh my, I thought it was doctor,
like Operation. – What, are you kidding me?
– Would ya look at that. – Careful, careful, careful,
careful, careful. Oh my God, oh my God, Danny, Danny.
– I hate you. – Swoop, ooh! – Ooh, that’s a good start, yeah. (Chelsea sighs) – What happens if one of us sneezes?
(Chelsea laughs) – Careful now.
– Oh, you can. – You’re really gonna go
for that already? Damn, alright, well. Yikes!
– I’m shaking! – Mmm.
– Why? I’m not seeing any wavering
from the tower, I ain’t going nowhere. – Ooh, Danny!
(squeaks) – Wow. – If I pull this out, and it falls over. Aw!
– Oh my gosh. – My butthole is clinched
on all levels right now. – Jiggle jiggle, jiggle jiggle.
– We like to. – Jiggle jiggle.
(Danny yells) (both laugh)
– You little bitch! – Mmm.
– Ah, commit, commit! He started, he started!
– Am I comitted to that? – Ooh, ooh, ooh, he’s gonna flick it!
He’s gonna flick it! (Austin laughs) – Come on baby.
Come on. – Oh my gosh,
I don’t know how you’re doing that. What the heck? – Going in hard.
Ready? – (laughs) Are you, what the [bleep]?
Danny! – Mmm, I got finesse. – I just keep trying
to take out pieces that I know mess, well I mean,
it’s gonna mess it up for both of us. But like, hopefully make it more
likely that you’ll drop something. (Jair screams) – It’s stuck, yo. – (whispers) You’re out, okay. – This is more unstable
than my future. – Oh! – That’s it guys, that’s it.
(both laugh) Oh [bleep]! (laughs) – Oh my gosh. (gasps)
(bell rings) (laughs) – Wow, you’re going for like
the very top. Talk about lame.
– Oh [bleep]. – Oh you just shook that whole tower.
– [Bleep]. – You went uh-uh.
(Jair screams) (bell rings) – We’re both very competitive. – Alright, I’ll do it again, and then we’ll see
if it was just loose. (Brittany screams) (bell rings)
– Aw, there’s no way. – Oh my gosh! – (FBE) So with a final score
of one to negative two. – Yeah! – (FBE) Kendelle, you are our winner!
– Oh my God! Thank you. – I don’t know how
that happened, girl! – You did great! – I will be upset
about that Z for quite a while, so. – At one thing.
(bell rings) You failed at way more. – I still got the dub though!
– You failed at way more. – Yeah, I still got the dub.
– Way more. – You know what they call that? Comeback kid, baby! – Thanks for watching us
Try Not To Fail… – On the REACT Channel. – Wanna see more Try Not To’s?
– Be sure to subscribe! – How do you think
you’d do in this challenge? – Let us know in the comments! – Bye!
– Bye bye! – Hey guys, Ethan here,
producer on the REACT Channel. If you wanna take
a behind the scenes look at this episode and tons
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  • Chubbyblueberry says:

    "This seems wrong. Some of my answers are the same."

    ??? well duh

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    Are these people for real?
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    Cursive is THE BEST!!! I think it should still be required in elementary school!

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    That multiplication..i dint even need to see the numbers twice…brain automatically goes "woop woop that's the answer boii"

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    I just wrote my final essay on an exam in cursive…… I'm their age, but I feel old.

  • Britney McKeigan says:

    I would do very well at most of this. Math not really, bow tie maybe. Janga though, i would make the other person cry, leave the room, and hate me for life, I owee at that game. Played giant janga a while ago, and i won every round i played except one, and that was because someone was knocked into the table (it was at a birthday party, it wasnt me, and i got really upset and started making rules for the table)

  • Mista Karma says:

    Michelle channelling that Asian Math powa

  • Adrianne Merideth says:

    I did the math faster and I had to write out the problems.

    I did, however, have some problems with the cursive. I couldn't remember what a uppercase "t" looked like.

    I've never touched a bow tie but I can tie a regular tie.

    I have never played Jenga in my life.

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