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Pentouch Paint Marker and Calligrapher

Pentouch Paint Marker and Calligrapher

Here is what you need to know about Sakura’s PenTouch Paint Markers PenTouch is a valve action type marker that can not only write on paper, but also on a variety of alternative surfaces like plastic, glass, and metal The valve action system allows you to re-prime the marker by depressing the tip allowing the ink to transfer from the chamber to the nib The high quality paint provides opaque and vibrant colors and is permanent on most surfaces The PenTouch paint marker meets ACMI non-toxicity
standards It is xylene free so you won’t get the strong,
harsh odor from typical industrial markers In addition to our bullet tip paint markers,
we also offer the PenTouch Calligrapher which has a chisel nib shaped specifically for broad
edge calligraphy The letter on top of each cap helps identify
the type of nib you’re using It is also the first thing you see in our
PenTouch display available at various art supply stores The F and EF stand for fine and extra fine,
and the C stands for alligrapher The bullet tip comes in 3 point sizes and
10 colors, while the extra fine comes in 5 colors The chisel Calligrapher version comes in 2
line widths and 5 colors Replacement nibs are available for all PenTouch
markers to maximize the longevity of the ink Here are the best ways to use these markers
– please follow these procedures not only the first time, but each time when you prime
the valve of the pen to start the ink flow These instructions are also on the barrel First, shake the marker with your finger on top of the closed cap and point the nib upwards The gravity will pull down the ink from the
narrow end of the nib and the shaking will help mix the paint evenly throughout the barrel The paint is sufficiently mixed when you hear the clicking sound of the metal agitation ball inside the barrel Next, remove the cap with the tip pointed up and use the top of the cap to press down
on the nib to release internal pressure If you press down on the nib with the tip
pointed in the downward direction, the pressure built up at the end of the barrel will force
the liquid ink out from the front, thus causing the flood of the ink all at once Lastly, after releasing the internal pressure, depress the nib downward to write Sometimes the ink may take up to a minute to flow out so make sure you don’t over-pump the marker We always recommend testing the ink before
applying to your projects as many surfaces contain special coatings to resist the paint from adhering to the surface To store the markers, cap them tightly to prevent air from drying out the nib and the paint in the barrel and store them horizontally
in ambient room temperature Placing them vertically for an extended length
of time will cause the solids and the mixing ball to settle in the narrow end of the barrel, which makes it more difficult to mix together at a later time Last but not least, people sometimes struggle with removing the plastic shrink wrap from a new pen The quickest solution is to tightly hold the
marker from both ends and twist it in an opposite direction until the plastic comes apart Have fun marking, drawing and decorating with
these PenTouch paint markers in solid opaque colors and super shiny metallics!

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