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Pen Haul! | Sea Lemon

Pen Haul! | Sea Lemon

Hello, it’s Jennifer from sea Lemon as you guys may [have] [noticed] from my instagram or my other social links I’ve been really getting more into pens because of my doodle Challenges if you don’t know what the doodle challenge is you can check out this 30-day doodle challenge right here? [I] have done a couple [of] these so far and because I’m really getting into it I naturally like to draw with pens and so my Obsession and addiction to pens have taken on a whole new level which brings me to this video I asked you if you wanted to see that because I took a picture And I posted it on my instagram and an overwhelming amount of you said, yes So here we are here is a big pen Haul This is my first haul of any kind usually hauls are for like fashion and clothes I guess [I] spend my money on art supplies. That is my life [I] hope you guys like this and if you want to know any of the pens that I mentioned any links of where I got them I will post those in the description below and let me know if You like these supply Haul Type videos give it a like if you do also if you are new [here] be sure to subscribe to my channel sea Lemon and you can find more artsy and Diy E and Crafty videos like this in my channel? So be sure to subscribe? [I] thought I was good on my supply of pens based on my last video going over my pens and paints But since I’ve been doodling almost every day I found myself wanting more of certain types of pens to do certain types of things and More of certain pens that I really did like so I just kind of wanted to Expand my pen collection bring my addiction to [a] whole new level and let’s just dive into it I had one white gelly roll pen it was my first gelly roll pen ever and I really loved the [way] it Wrote it was just so fluid and [I] thought [I] need more colors of this So I found this Sakura classic Gelly Roll pen collection [I] kind of wish that it did include a yellow overall these are really good pens I really enjoyed drawing with them And I love how fluid they write just kind of wish I had more colors of them overall They are one of my favorite pens right now the ink. Just pours out of them which I like It doesn’t take a lot of effort to draw or write with them I love drawing and writing with smooth pens And this led me to my [next] purchase of the Sakura Sakura my st.. Sakura Sakura Sakura [why] can’t I say that word Sakura [souffle] pens these are slightly different than the classic gelly roll pens? [I] like to use them to highlight over solid colors. They especially work well on dark paper [you] can’t see what the color looks like until the ink dries. It comes out kind of watery And it’s just it’s a [really] watery ink that comes out And you can’t really see what color this is unless you look at the cap They are opaque so they will cover over drawings and make really great highlights but I found the white isn’t as opaque as the Classic Jelly Roll white the colors are slightly muted and pastel which I think make a nice solid pastel background as you may have seen on my Doodles and that led me to want to go try more pens So I headed down to my local art store and the great thing about going to the art store Is that you can actually test the pens before you buy them I? Recommend that if you’re not sure of some pens you want to try and you don’t want to like buy the whole set go down To your local art store and test them out so already being familiar with the gelly roll pens [I] wanted to try the metallics, but I didn’t want the whole set I just wanted a nice gold and silver pen so I got these ones and again they are nice and opaque and they cover well they go on dark paper and white paper and the dry ink is Shiny and metallic. I think these will work well for some highlights [I] haven’t used them too much yet but I am sure they will work [just] as well as the Classic Gelly roll pens [and] while I was at the art store I decided to try more of these tombow dual tip brush pens [I] have a black one which I used in a previous tutorial. I’m obviously not the best calligraphy Writer I kind of just stick to my corky hand lettering I don’t actually use these for that But these pens make really great writing pens if you’re into calligraphy and cursive writing I was really looking for a pen that could give me a wash of solid color on My drawings and doodles so I wanted to try these pens again, and they were on sale So it was like by 12 or more for [$2] each That’s not bad considering these pens are very nice, so I took advantage of that sale [and] got 12 of these pens [I] was also looking for some neutral colors and some of them the caps look really similar, and you can’t tell a difference So don’t judge the cap necessarily try it out before you buy it the caps will look different than The way they draw these are water-based and they do kind of draw like a watercolor brush I like that there are two ends one is like a brush and the other is just like a marker tip they do fade because They’re water-based but so far that doesn’t really bother me yet the color might fade a little over time or Fade a little after you draw with them and they are acid free so it’s not like the color is going to yellow your paper The next one is not really a pen it’s more of a marker But I am using it with all my other pens, and I thought why not try these as well I’m kind of tired of using highlighters [in] my set [so] I wanted some more neon fluorescent type pens And I wanted to try these windsor, Newton neon markers [I] really like windsor and Newton and I use their paints they have really good paints So I just kind of assumed they would make a really good marker And I have never tried these [before] I didn’t even really know what they look like before. I bought them this is kind of like A Spontaneous purchase so they are dual tip and wow these are really Bright, [I] thought my highlighter was bright. These are like bright. It’s very fluorescent They aren’t opaque so they won’t go [over] solid colors, but they are really bright So I will definitely find a use for these also. [I] love that. They don’t bleed and for my next purchase I wanted some more sharpies, but I really don’t like anymore that they bleed through the back of my paper And they kind of bleed too much So I wanted to try the sharpie pen I do have one sharpie pen it definitely doesn’t bleed So I thought I wanted to try [it] more colors of it They are kind of scratchy to draw with I don’t know if that makes sense [they’re] not as fluid feel as some of the other pens, and they do kind of require more pressure But they are a good permanent marker if you need something permanent. Thank you for joining me in my first haul I hope you liked it and if you have some pens that you want to try out or if you’ve tried any of these Let me know your experience in the comments below. I will continue to test these out I’m still kind of new to them and I didn’t realize there is like a whole world of different types of pens, and I might just [continue] my pen addiction [I] don’t know I might [have] a problem [hit] that like button and be sure to subscribe to my channel sea lemon you can check out my previous video going over the pens and paints that I like to use and if you want to take the 30 day doodle challenge check out this video on the right these links will be in the description below I will see you guys next time

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