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PC Computer Tips: How to Copy Windows Fonts Files from One Computer to Another

Windows Computers come with a lot of default
fonts. But if you’re a creative enthusiast, the chances are you’ve downloaded and applied
more fonts to use for your work. These fonts should be located in the following folder
on your computer. C drive. Windows Fonts. However, if you use the usual windows folder
explorer you’ll find that once you get there, the layout is different to usual. There is a bar at the top which shows you
a preview example each font which is all well and good but what this robs you of is the
ability to view and sort important file information such as when you installed the font. I tried
changing the layout and right clicking the mouse to try and set different views and sort
the fonts by date but none of this worked. So how do I know what new fonts I have installed
so I can copy them over to a new computer and install them there? The workaround solution appears to be: don’t
use the standard windows folder explorer. Instead use another program such as a zip
program like 7zip (a link to the program is included in the description of this video)
so that you can use its folder explorer which, as you can see, displays the contents of the
windows font folder with all the important file contents details like when the font was
installed. In this example I am copying every font after the date when I first switched
on the computer as I know those are the fonts I’ve installed. I can then paste those fonts
onto a USB flash drive stick and put them on my new computer. This is a classic example of when you change
something from how it usually works (often for logical reasons) it often comes back to
bite you when you need to do something that’s ordinarily very simple standard functionality.
Thankfully however, with Windows, there almost always a workaround solution.

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