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Paulo Dybala “La Joya” DOCUMENTARY (Spanish, Polish, English, Italian, Arabic version)

Paulo Dybala “La Joya” DOCUMENTARY (Spanish, Polish, English, Italian, Arabic version)

He is like a diamond. This is how a journalist from Argentina called me, after my second game, where I scored. He said that I am “La Joya” (a diamond). My name is Henryka Pałasińska. I’m Bolesław Dybała’s sister. I was born in Kraśniów, in 1926. Alas, the war has begun! From now on, all other matters and issues are secondary. Our lives, both public and private, are diverted towards a special purpose. We’re in a state of war. All the effort of the whole nation must be directed at one aim. We’re all soldiers. Now we must think only about fighting for the victory. During the war, Bolesław was forced to go to work in Nazi Germany. The village chief picked the people who would go. If there was a large family living in one house, he’d choose two or three people from that family. After the war, there were no jobs in Kraśniów. Bolesław was informed about the possibility of going to Argentina. He went there with no connections whatsoever. He had nowhere to go. It was horrible. He slept in some cornfields for two weeks, without food. Luckily, he managed to contact someone in Poland and the help came. Some people found him. He nearly starved to death. They saved his life. It’s amazing. I can’t believe my nephew is such a great player. I wish I could meet him. Paulo, come to Poland. I invite you. Those are my brother’s children. The picture was taken when they came here last Christmas. That’s me playing chess with my parents. My father taught me. My mum on New Year’s Eve. Nice style.
Yes, indeed. That’s the picture the fans gave me. My cousins from Argentina. All my cousins with my grandpa. I often reminisce about my grandpa and the times, when he was in Argentina with us. We always wanted to find his family in Poland. I was very little, when he died. Still, I remember some things about him. I was child. We wanted to get to know our ancestors. Also to know ourselves better. He rarely talked about his past. I have no idea, why. He told us something about working for the clergy as a young man. I don’t know whether it was a monastery or a regular church. He said the house he worked in was close to the river. He also mentioned his brother in Canada. They exchanged letters. Every Christmas or New Year’s Eve he’d receive a postcard and a wafer from the family. The wafer was supposed to be shared among the family. They stayed in touch that way for decades. They wrote him letters in Polish, but they had to be translated. He had forgotten the language. He came to Argentina as a young man. There was noone speaking Polish, so he forgot. When I came to Europe for the first time, I wanted a Polish passport, not an Italian one. I couldn’t obtain it because of all the red tape. There was no time to find the documents. This is why I have the Italian passport. That’s because of my mother’s family. I’d love to represent my family and my grandpa, but I’m an Argentinian. I always dreamed to play for the country I was born in. My country. I’m only 21. A lot of things can happen. I’ve got time. A decade and a half of playing. But I’m sure I’d like to play for a Polish club some day. From all words, I know only the word “tak” (yes). Cheers. He had the skills and strength, he also played well. He’s the only person who knows why he never turned into a professional. My brother? Always. He criticizes me the most after a bad game. When I play well, he praises me a lot. I came here to visit my friend. We haven’t seen each other for a long time. We can’t spend much time together because of the distance. I think I’m obliged to visit him at least once a year. He is a phenomenon. People speak highly of him. Not only the fans from Córdoba, but from all over the country. They want him to play for the national team Exclusive footage. Paulo Dybala plays FIFA with Filip Kapica. Filip chose Argentina, and Paulo’s team is Poland. What now? You started to yell, because you thought Paulo would score! My house, my referee. Filip Kapica somehow managed to beat Paulo Dybala in FIFA 2015. Before the game, we thought about the punishment for our friend. He has to read aloud a Polish tongue twister. Filip won, so Paulo has to start. It should go like this: These are some shirts I exchanged during the season. I have some of them with me, some are in Argentina. That’s Iturbe’s shirt. He’s my friend from Argentina, he gave it to me after a game. That’s Buffon’s. He’s one of the best goalkeepers in the history of football. That’s an AC Milan shirt. Paletta. We exchanged shirts because he’s from Argentina as well. Gargano from Napoli. This shirt is different from the others, I liked it very much. That’s a Lazio shirt. It was a brand new design. I got it from Lucas Biglia, another Argentinian. That one belonged to Rafa Marquez from Verona. He’s one of the best defenders in the world. That’s Tevez’s shirt. He’s from Argentina too. The strongest striker there is. Ozil… I haven’t met him in person, my friend got that one for me. Another Lazio shirt from Klose. He scored at many World Cups. It’s a great honour. And that one. From Icardi, my friend we played against. He’s from Argentina like me. Where’s Lewandowski?
In Poland. I went to a football academy. There were boys of all ages, but they had shirts of only one size. The little ones wore the same shirts as the older boys. When I was a kid myself, short sleeves looked long on me. He started playing football at age 4. He always stood out from the team. His father was sure he’d succeed. He wanted one of his three sons to become a professional footballer. Gustavo was first, but he never succeeded. Then, there was Mariano. Actually, he was close, but a bit unlucky. I think that our dream came true more because of my dad’s perseverance, and not mine. It was a hard moment of my life. I was young, but my family helped me in the struggle for my dreams. My brothers and my mother always supported and motivated me, so I could achieve what I really wanted. Still, I had to put a lot of hard work into it. The support I received helped me to perform better on the pitch. He came to every game to watch me. After the whistle he used to be angry because of my mistakes. It didn’t matter whether I had scored two or three goals. He intended to correct every fault on my part. He wanted me to improve. I love playing football, being in touch with the game. Every time I can’t play for a longer time, I feel very bad and bored. I do my weekly routine and have fun. That’s important for me. I set goals for myself all the time. When I was in Argentina, I struggled to stay in the top flight, and in the team. After a good season there I could come to Europe. Since then, my aim is to play for the national team. When I came to Italy, I admired and watched Pirlo. But when I was in Argentina and played against River Plate, I saw the great Trezeguet. He was doing basic things on the pitch, but still I think of him as a great player. But since I came here, Pirlo has been my role model and favourite player. That’s Paulo, his brother Mariano and mum. And that’s Hubert, Henryka’s son. Those are his parents. We’re so pleased to meet you even online. Paulo said he would come to Poland some day. Do you like football? Is there any fan? Had you known Paulo before you met Mateusz? Not at all. You had no idea you had relatives in Argentina, including a great footballer? Do you know how much he’s worth right now? €50 million. Twice as much as Lewandowski. He’s the new Messi. Do you know Messi?
Sure! Please, tell me… Do you like Messi or Ronaldo more? I even remember Maradona. You said that Paulo would have to try vodka should he come to Poland. Some day I’ll come to Poland and we’ll meet in person. We invite you. I love you! Kisses and hugs! He is a very young player with great potential and his future is bright. There is a big difference between playing for Palermo and Juventus. Paulo joined a team where he can show his unique skills and he might be very important for them. I was happy to coach Paulo last year. Back then I already said he could think faster than other players and surpassed them. He has to prove what he’s worth and continue to play like last season.

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