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Part 2: Typical day learning Arabic for the Irish polyglot

Part 2: Typical day learning Arabic for the Irish polyglot

Ok, Goodbye Since I don’t usually drink coffee, The best way to wake up is to do
some exercise or go for a quick jog. Or use the gym in this building. By 10AM, I sit down with my course book, Which is for standard Arabic. I only give this one hour maximum per day. Because I want to focus more on Egyptian Arabic. At 11AM, I’ll start to listen to podcasts for the
language. Not “hearing” them in the background, But really focusing and taking notes. Then it’s time for lunch. I take my Smartphone with me, And you can see that I can even study while walking! When I get home, it’s time for a siesta! I have one every day, just for 20 minutes. And it energizes me for the rest of the day. In the afternoon, it’s easy to get distracted with many things to do, So I use the “pomodoro” technique, And work in blocks of 25 minutes with a break of 5 minutes. This keeps me focused all the time. You can use this kitchen timer or any digital one. By the evening, it’s time for my second spoken lesson of the day! “Good evening” In the evening, I may go out with friends for an hour or two, Or do some more writing work. Thanks to the siesta, I don’t need to sleep so much, So I can go to bed after midnight. And still be ready to wake up early the next day! Thanks for watching!

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  • Adam Bader says:

    I can understand everything you say! Well-done 🙂 eres un crack!

  • MegaLanguagelover says:

    Nice!! Well done!! You're helping us language learners soo much, with your example and your tips! Thank you!

    By the way, when do you work? And you're not getting much sun there, you're still so pale ahah, you need some brazilian sun ! 😉

  • Benny Lewis says:

    Sony MDR-XB500 – really?

  • Benny Lewis says:

    For the kind of work I do each day (and it's a LOT) see the blog post tomorrow.

  • Benny Lewis says:

    I was going to mention that in tomorrow's blog post, but since I imagine other people will ask that question, I added it to the end of the description! Hope that helps!

  • jmichaelrout says:

    Weird, this is exactly how I study. I can only really study all day like this when I'm on vacation though since I either go to work or school every day. While I'm at work I think in the language or mentally translate things though. 🙂

    Didn't know there was something called the "pomodoro" technique, I'm looking into right now. I thought it was just called "chunking", which I guess is a little less strategic. Thanks Benny!

  • Mortimer284 says:

    Benny, how do you deal with the large differences between the written and spoken language, as I understand exist in Arabic? I'm sure to have this problem while learning my next language, wanted to know how you deal with it.

  • Benny Lewis says:

    Apart from that one hour with my standard Arabic coursework, all of my work is with the Egyptian dialect, which I study exclusively using the romanized form, which is as pronounced.

  • TheKyukun says:

    Benny, você é muito carismático, simplesmente muito carismático.

  • Mido S says:

    your Egyptian Arabic has improved a lot in this video. You're almost like a native speaker except for the accent. I am a native speaker.

  • AGuyReallyBored says:

    Wow , you are really good , I'm a native speaker myself and i can tell you , you're really good…
    Good luck with Arabic , as it's a difficult language.

  • sizanllakcuf says:

    your such an inspiration! Just wondering, since u've now completed your 3 months challenge for mandarin, does that mean u've completely stopped learning it once the challenge was done or are you still sort of learning and speaking mandarin?

  • Benny Lewis says:

    I'm focused entirely on Arabic until December 18th. After that I'll return to maintaining and improving all my languages, including Mandarin.

    Please have a read through my blog as I did NOT "completely stop learning it once the challenge was done". I spent the entire summer with a project specifically to work and maintain all my languages, including Mandarin, although I wasn't making more videos in Mandarin so you wouldn't have seen that on Youtube.

    Thanks for the kind words!

  • Russianlearner17 says:

    You sure are working hard!! Keep it up!

  • MegaLanguagelover says:

    Sorry for the comment about the sun…….hope you did'nt take it as an offence! Cause I did'nt mean to offend you..

    I just read the article, and….. wow!! you're quite an example to follow! Optimism and hard work can lead to success and eventually happyness! People are scared that even they put effort they can't do it, but people like you give us confidence! thanks!!

  • GeminiOneFive says:

    Thanks Benny,
    One of your better videos – It is always better to see instead of simply being told


  • HerGlyphs says:

    Your pronunciation has improved so much so quickly!

  • ftuj dtuj says:

    فيديو جدآ مميز شكرا لك

  • Margaret Hall says:

    LOL! I have the exact same tomato timer! I actually use my iPod's timer more for timing study and work and a (very loud!) digital timer for cooking, but the tomato is such a fun shape. 🙂

  • Rob says:

    This quite impressive, and i congrat you for this new challenge, but still i'm wondering: you seem to have quite a lot of time actually, what do you leave off? Or are you maybe on hollidays, for 3 months? It's not personnal, but i'm wondering if anyone could actually learn that way.
    As for me, i'm way more busy sometimes and what you are doing looks impossible, i only use my daily 2 hours public transport journey to work on my turkish 🙂

  • Benny Lewis says:

    Don't be so defeatist. I have only had this flexibility a couple of years. I've written on the blog that I have had to work 63-hour-a-week jobs in the past and still managed to make the time to learn a language.

    Saying you have bills to pay and to put food on the table, is just the real world. You are not the only one who has to deal with that.

    What do you do 4pm to midnight Friday to Sunday? And AFTER school the other days after completing homework? Make the time, don't make excuses.

  • Benny Lewis says:

    Please read the blog post for full details of my day – I work a lot every single day and didn't show that in a 3 minute video.

  • cptwunderlich says:

    I can't believe it, you can live on 4-5 hours of sleep (+20min siesta)?? Thats incredible and I guess very handy 🙂 8 hours seems to be the average/recommended amount of sleep and I'm more in the 8-9 hour range 🙂

  • Benny Lewis says:

    Please read the blog post linked in the description for what I do for a living.
    And no, when I socialize for an hour or two a day, it's in Portuguese.

  • Benny Lewis says:

    It wouldn't be 4 hours, but yes, usually 5 plus the siesta.
    The "recommended" amount of sleep is for monophasic. The rules change when you distribute your sleep more evenly throughout the day. Monophasic sleep is a result of the industrial revolution, and is not a natural way for humans to do it. It's why we tend to have an afternoon lull, especially after a heavy lunch.
    I simply listen to my body in that afternoon lull, and give it the sleep it requests. Because of this, I'm better rested! 🙂

  • ExCowlyGeorge says:

    Hi, Benny , is Brazil safe to visit?

  • Benny Lewis says:

    Definitely. I feel much safer here than I do in the US in certain cities.

  • Malehenam says:

    Yes! I love that you made these two videos. because eventhough you always say that you don't have the language gene or learn languages extra easy, you still made it look very simple. But now everybody can see the level of motivation, the hours of work, reading, talking.. you life seems to be almost entierly in arabic now, and it's because you make it so. always waiting for your next video – Manju

  • learn ArabicLanguage says:

    جميل جدا

  • tavitjjj says:

    wow! you really listen to a podcast in that early stage of learning. What is your technique to learn from a podcast and what you note on the paper?

  • yusuf ismail says:

    you are not a clever man. if you want to learn the language then go to the country you have the money.

  • JCritch says:

    I studied Arabic while in college,and I have been looking for ways to maintain/improve on what I learned. This video is very motivating for me! Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  • kokv19 says:

    A tip from a native Arabic speaker, learn the original "Arabic" language without any accents, after you master it you could learn as many accents as you want.

  • David Howell says:

    I absolutely love your clock/timer! I've looked everywhere for it after seeing this video and I can't find it! Can you please tell me where you found it and/or the brand name? Thanks so much! 😀

  • Jack O'Brien says:

    NICE WORK Benny! I learned Mandarin in Shanghai without taking any lessons so I can attest to your program. Full immersion is essential. Ironically, I plan to move down to Brazil soon, hit me up on linked in or something, maybe we can collaborate. If you write my name, Jack Joseph O'Brien into Google, you can find my Facebook page. Linked in is a click away! ^_^ I HOPE YOU HAVE A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS 2013!!! Ciao!

  • Chompyt says:

    Where'd you get that eye mask from? I want one!

  • beotkkot v says:

    Which app are you using when you are reviewing your flashcards at 1:07? How do you make the camera screen show in the background?

  • Eric Miller says:

    I love your shirt lol

  • Elliot Conway says:

    May I ask what phone you have?

  • BlackWall500 says:

    Hey Benny, I have a question. At 1:09, When you are walking with you're Smartphone and studying Arabic on you're Smartphone. Now Please Tell me, Where did you get that App? In fact where do you get all of you're useful Apps? Thanks!

  • Abdullah-Q8 says:

    قاعد تعمل بجد ، أستمر في ذلك ، تحتاج الكثير من العمل على تحسين نطقك للكلمات، لانك تتكلم بشكل ثقيل جدا ، وفهمك صعب من قبل شخص عربي بشكل واضح ، اللغه العربيه من اللغات الصعبه ، أستمر في العمل الجاد ، وبالتوفيق

  • Nicolas Carrero says:


  • Younes El Mekki says:

    salam,my advice for is to learn arabic standard language "Al 3arabiya al fus7aa" first, it make you to learn the other arabic dialects of which egyptian. in arabic we dont say "el Gim " but we say " Qa3atu arriyadati" or " Qa3atu kamalil Ajsami". you see the difference. dont be confined with only egyptian.Good luck to you. 7addan MouwaffaQan!

  • fkjms73 says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL you sound like an Ashkenazi Jew speaking Arabic, nevertheless it's great since Arabic is a hard language, keep up the good work bro

  • Fernando Colon says:

    did you make your own arabic anki deck? if not which one did you use?

  • Linh Chi Nguyễn says:

    هل لديك فيديو تعليم اللغة العربية الفصحى ؟

  • Davowski Lyon says:

    @Benny Lewis "Tengo la camisa negra" ¡Como Juanes!, saludos desde México. 🙂

  • Gianni Mampaey says:

    Which courses do you use to learn Egyptian Arabic?

  • computerchi says:

    Excellent job. Good choice of dialect too as Egyptian Arabic is understood everywhere in the Arab world.
    Mi piace imparare l'italiano. Sto cercando le persone a praticare con.

  • Munequita Schramm says:

    Cara to boiando. Mas tu tava no Brasil e aprendendo árabe. Daora 

  • Elon Kline says:

    What is that app that is used with anki?

  • Yacine D says:

    you should work on your pronunciation before going any further

    and I advice you to learn classical Arabic not a dialect, it will help you speak with way more people and understand the news

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