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Papyrus: The Other Most Hated Font in the World

Papyrus: The Other Most Hated Font in the World

– Hey everyone! So in my last video, I
got quite a few comments being like “nobody cares about Comic Sans, “it’s Papyrus we all hate,
get with the program.” I totally get where you’re coming from. So, let’s take a few minutes to talk about the other most hated font
in the world, Payyrus. Once again, it was not
delivered to this world by evil aliens, trying
to destroy any notion of an aesthetically pleasing society. And, it doesn’t have tragic,
almost cinematic story, like Comic Sans, of being designed for one very specific purpose and then spiraling
completely out of control. No, it was designed by a man
named Chris Costello in 1982. He shopped it around
to ten type companies, and eventually it was picked up and distributed by Letraset. These days, it’s owned by ITC, the International Typeface Corporation. But, I kinda doubt anyone’s
actually buying it anymore, since it’s included as a system font, on both Windows and Apple computers. If you did want to buy it though, here’s the description
you’ll find on line. (Karen) Papyrus is a Roman
telegraphic typeface, with distinct human
touches like rough edges, irregular curves, and high
horizontal strokes in the caps. It imparts a warm and friendly ambiance for everything from restaurant
menus to book covers. So how and why was Papyrus designed? Well, I’m going to link
below to an interview that the website I heart Papyrus did with designer Chris Costello, but here are some of the highlights. Being designed in the 80’s,
Papyrus was completely drawn by hand using tools
like the repidograph pen, and rulers, and triangles,
and French curves. It took about six months
to draw all the characters required for the typeface. At first, it was only designed
with uppercase characters. So then he added the
lowercase to make the typeface more versatile. As Chris Costello said,
it’s kind of a long quote, I’m just gonna read it. “I took a calligraphy pen
and some textured paper “and just started drawing
old looking alphabets “in many different styles. “I was thinking about
the ancient Middle East “and I then began writing
words, dates and phrases “from the history of that time
in all uppercase lettering. “I soon came up with what I
thought vernacular writing “may have looked like
if the English language “existed 2000 years ago. “It probably would have
been written on papyrus “and I figured that would be
the perfect name for the font.” So, just like Comic Sans, it’s not necessarily a
terribly designed font. It takes a lot of skill
to design a typeface, especially one that gets used so much. But, that’s just the problem. Being an included system
font on almost every computer for the past 10 years,
it’s just been overused in so many inappropriate situations, that we’ll never know if
it could have flourished, if it was only available to real designers who were willing to pay for it, if it actually suited
their specific project. It draws so much attention to itself and it’s so often associated with cheap or faux historical products, that it’s really no wonder
why it’s become so hated. It’s a typeface that should have just been a forgotten relic of the 80’s, but instead has stuck
around for far too long. Appearing everywhere,
from blockbuster movies to church flyers made by middle-aged women who have just discovered gradient overlay, and stroke, and bevel. and
emboss, and outer glow. So, what are some good alternatives? Try searching My Fonts,
or any other font website, for tags like organic, rough, handwriting. Try something like
Alana, Origins, or Yana. There are so many better choices out there that please, just whatever you do, don’t contribute to the spread of even more Papyrus in this world. Not even ironically. Thanks so much for watching! Don’t forget to hit Like and Subscribe, and check out all the links that I put down in the description, if you want to learn more about Papyrus. I’ll see you all again,
right here next week. ♫ Bold, italic, underline ♫ If we’d give it a moment it could shine ♫ To ban it would be a measure so drastic ♫ How can you hate a font
that’s so fantastic ♫

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