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Paint Watercolor Peonies and Mother’s Day Card Calligraphy Process Video

Paint Watercolor Peonies and Mother’s Day Card Calligraphy Process Video

hello there it’s melissa with, I’m excited to share with you my process for this year’s Mother’s
Day card printable. You can check out that printable at
and you can print it off send it to somebody you love and hopefully put a
smile on their face. Here you can see I’m using a Nikko G nib with Ziller soot
black ink and a hoang dao custom-made holder it’s just one of my many go two’s
I use a lot of different nibs and supplies with all of my projects it
really just kind of depends and this is what I was sort of vibing today. Just
something I was going for more delicate fancy look I’m using a finer paper, I’m
actually using a cold press watercolor paper
it’s either Canson or B watercolor paper I’ll link to the products in the
description all the materials that I use in the description if you’d like to try
those out. It’s got a smooth enough surface that my hair lines aren’t too
jagged. One other thing that I forgot to mention is that this ink, this
black ink it’s actually quite waterproof. I have a
blog post about inks that do and don’t work well with getting wet and this was
one of those unexpected high-performance inks that did really well with water on
top of it so simply because I wasn’t planning on putting any watercolor on
top of the message but I didn’t want to take any chances of spilling any water
anywhere and making a mess of the calligraphy work. So that’s kind of one
of the reasons why I used the Ziller black
and right now I’m working on some peonies, man,
I’m really trying hard on to make these peonies, trying to keep them pretty loose. Esther Peck and Natalie Malin make loose watercolor peonies just looks
super super easy and effortless I’ll link to more of their videos in the
description. I’m trying to stay pretty loose and it’s pretty
difficult I’m using professional inks I believe this is upper rose and when
quidacranone orange and just a simple size size six round brush nothing too fancy. I forgot to keep my hands clear of the
paper so you can see I have a little thumbprint fingerprint right there where
I’m working the watercolor into the paper. It really kind of messed that
flower up a little bit so I don’t know maybe words the wise, keep your fingers
off your work or wear gloves while you paint just because it really can mess up
your flow. Alright, so here I’m gonna speed things up a little bit just so you
can see and not get entirely bored I’m just tweaking the peonies a little bit
adding some different colors changing where the water kind of ends up rusting
and adding the yellows in the middle just to give it that little bit and then
the greens on the bottom of the blooms so that it looks a little bit more
dynamic. Adding the greenery is probably one of the things that stresses me out
the most because I feel like this is where it can totally go so wrong I try
to keep things more or less symmetrical without being exactly identical because
if you keep it exactly identical then it’s just gonna look boring, a little
more stale. So this is just me adding more greenery
until I feel like it’s balanced enough to scan and make into a printable. You’re matting little bits of turquoise
just to offset all the pink and green I feel like that little bit of brightness
balances out and then tiny little yellow flowers coming out just kind of finishes
it off. So anyway, head to
see the link in the description for the printable, you can print at home and send
it to you someone you love! Thanks so much for watching, check out
to learn calligraphy and stay tuned for more videos.

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