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OZM TV – ArtOne & Godling

OZM TV – ArtOne & Godling

Yeah, I’m ArtOne and I’m here at the OZM Gallery and Michael Godling and me are doing the exhibition Neograffie. My name is Godling, the name is a mixture of both my last names. Godinho and Kiessling. And I’m here at OZM for ArtOnes and my exhibition Neograffie. We met on the grounds of the Museum of Labor in Barmbek, which back then was the first legal area in Hamburg, where you could express yourself as graffittiwriter. And since then, we have been painting together regularly, whenever the opportunity arises. In 1991 ArtOne and me won a talent contest at the Altona State Museum. And this artwork Mega Wars the first part, was then also taken into the fundus of the Altona Statemuseum. And the work we painted there was a so-called polyptych, which consisted of six parts. We finished it within a week in the courtyard of the museum. I think it was very impressive for the people who watched us, because they could suspect that there is quite some work behind it, and secondly, that we really make a plan of the work ahead of us. And as always, the technical subtleties, huh? People hadn’t seen it like that until then, because we usually acted underground and for this exhibition we are making the second part, Mega Wars part 2. From graffiti view, the tags are the basis of graffiti to me. After all, that’s how everything started. Only you didn’t become conspicuous enough that way and so you tried bigger letters and from that the graffiti style was able to develop further. Neograffie is a mixed word of Neo aka new and graphy, what’s special about our way of writing Graffie is that it’s with A and two F’s, because of Graffiti. And graphy really comes from the greek words or writing, drawing. And by that we want to bring the people closer to this so-called graffititypography, which generally is referred to as Tags, is a new type of typography. Because I believe that this kind of calligraphy is still woefully underestimated.

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