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Our Homeschool Routine

Our Homeschool Routine

– This morning is a Monday
morning at our house, which means it’s a school morning. But things look a little
bit different this year because while Colin’s getting ready to head out to preschool, the girls are actually being
homeschooled this year! (upbeat music) Do you like homeschooling this year Maya? – Mm-hmm. – Well what do you like best about it? – ‘Cause we could do school at home. – And what are you wearing right now? – Pj’s. – Yes, one of the perks is
that you get to go to school, we all get to go to school, if we want to, in our pajamas! You couldn’t do that at school last year very much, could you? – Mm-mm. – And Mr. C-Bear, down at my feet, where do you go today? – Preschool! – Do you go to preschool? (Colin fades his answer) – This is Colin’s first year at preschool. He’s in the three’s. He just turned three years old
and who’s your teacher Colin? – Miss Betsy. – Miss Betsy, I know. Do you love preschool? What are your friends names? – Um. – You have a friend named Trey. – Trey. – And who else? – And Edie! – And Edie! Colin is transitioning to
preschool really, really well. But it’s just so weird because this year, everything’s reversed. The girls are at home a couple days a week while Colin’s at school. When he was normally my shadow last year. But he just goes a few days a week too. (upbeat music) Oh, there’s Sandy back from her walk. Hi Sandy girl! Hi Sandy girl! (upbeat music) I think you’re all ready. If you would have told me last year, at this, that we were
gonna be homeschooling, I wouldn’t have believed you! It’s something that
was so off of my radar. Something I had never really considered. But we have such a crazy, hectic schedule that it just seemed to
make sense this year. We needed a little bit more flexibility because we travel a lot
for YouTube conventions, toy conventions, meet
and greets, appearances, all sorts of things that
take us out of the classroom. And we really just needed this
added flexibility this year to make things run a little bit smoother. (family says bye to Colin) (Lucy laughs) When Colin heads out to preschool that is our cue that it is time to head to our homeschool room and
get started for the day. – There we go, now we’re all ready! – Now we should explain
that we’re actually not at home doing full-on
homeschooling all five days a week, we’re actually only
here three days a week. And two days a week, the
girls go to a tutorial. Addy, what is a tutorial? – I don’t know. (laughs) – Maya, what would you say? – It’s like a school that you go to on the other days that you
don’t do school at home. – Exactly! Right, so we only cover
certain subjects at home and then two days a
week, they go to tutorial where they’re in normal classrooms. So Addy’s in a third grade classroom, Maya’s in a first grade classroom. They have normal teachers,
they have classmates, lunch, recess kinda looks
like a normal school for two days a week. So, Addy, what subjects do you do when you’re at your tutorial? – We do science, Spanish, literature, creative writing, Bible and history. – And history? – Yes. And Maya, is that the same for you about? Pretty much the same? – Except for Spanish. – You don’t do Spanish in first grade? So when we’re at home,
in our home classroom, I only have to cover language
arts, which basically encompasses, you know, reading,
like the phonics part of it, and the literature part of it. Vocabulary, spelling,
grammar and then, of course, math, which is a big one. (soft music plays) Okay, Addy, you’re gonna do cursive K’s. – Mm-hm. – So watch. You’re gonna start at the top, at the end, then you
actually pick your pencil up, and correct that. (laughs) – Can I just do T, F,
K, J, I and then these? – Sure. In general, you try to
start things out each day by giving them some of their assignments that they can work on in their free time, when I’m not working with them. So the first thing is handwriting, Addy what are you learning how to do? – Cursive. – Cursive. So she learned cursive last
year, in second grade, right? So we’re just kind of redoing that and making sure we really got it. And Maya is just practicing her printing. And then we also have,
girls, your geography packets and reading packets that I
give them at the beginning of the week. And then we have all week to
get these done and turned in. So there’s yours girly-girl. And then, we’re probably going
to jump right into reading. (upbeat music) – How do you get a glass
beetle stuck on your, stuck to your ankle. – All right Miss Maya,
time for your reading girl. So can you bring your reading box and your reading book over here? – Okay. – So when we homeschool,
the way that I structure it, personally, is that I work with the girls individually, one-on-one. And then while I’m
working with one of them, the other is back at their desks working on the same subject, but doing something different with it. So right now, we’re working on reading and Addy’s back at her desk
doing a reading assignment. But then we also have stuff Maya writes, where if you guys finish early, you have certain things
that you can work on. – Mm-hmm. – So what are some things you can work on if you finish early? – You can read a book. – Mm-hm. And we actually have a whole, I have a whole bin over here, that we cycle through where we
learn about different people. So show them what’s in our
book bin right now, Maya, or what we’re looking at. – K. – So here’s our book bin. – [Maya] Yeah. – And we have a lot of biographies. Who are we learning about this week? – [Addy] Florence Nightingale. – [Lucy] Florence Nightingale. – [Maya] Abraham Lincoln. This. – So, Anne Frank, Benjamin Franklin and yeah, we have a lot of stuff on Abraham Lincoln this week. And then I try to go to the library and refresh it every week or two, so that’s who we’re learning about now. Last week who’d we learn about, girls? – Helen Keller, Amelia Earhart. – [Lucy] Amelia Earhart, uh huh. – And Harriet Tubman. – And Harriet Tubman, that’s right. And, in addition to reading,
if they finish early, what are some other things
you guys can do, girlies? – We could do our packets. I could practice my violin. – Violin, that’s a big thing. Maya, and a common thing I want you to do, is clean your room (laughs)
during your breaks, regularly. So our goal is basically,
everybody is working all the time on something and so that way, we can finish early. How long do we usually take
to get through a day guys? – Um, maybe four to five hours? – Probably four to five hours, usually. So they love being able to
finish at, you know, one o’clock or two o’clock and then they
don’t see the bus come around for another couple of hours. What time does the bus get home girls? – Um, about four? – Four thirty, I think, so. I think they enjoy that
perk to homeschooling. We’re a little over an hour into our day and we just finished reading, so we’re gonna go grab a quick snack before we get back and start with math. (upbeat music) So Addy-Rue, I asked Maya this earlier, but why do you like homeschooling? What’s your favorite thing about it? – ‘Cause you finish early. – That is a good perk, isn’t it? – Yeah. (Lucy laughs) – One of the perks for
me, for homeschooling, is that I don’t have to
pack lunches everyday. It’s so hard to come up
with new ideas everyday and although I still have to pack them when they go to the tutorial,
at least, on the days that we’re home, we can kind
of just figure out snacks and figure out lunches on the fly. And I just find that way easier. While the girls are busy
eating their strawberries and fruit dip, I want to
make a quick announcement. ‘Cause I want to address,
we’ve had a lot of comments on our Facebook and Instagram, asking where can you find
our XOXO Friends and Hugs, if you don’t live in the United States, and we have some really,
really big news now. They are now available at Smyths Toys throughout the U.K. and Ireland and you can actually click the link below and check them out online. Addy, what have you been
working on all morning? (laughs) – This.
– What is it? What is that? – It’s a four-finger braid. – So what is a four-finger braid exactly? – Well, basically, you can do, this finger braid, where
you can use one finger or you can do this one,
where you use four fingers. And I’ve been doing this all morning. (Lucy laughs) I’m more than halfway
done with all my yarn, so. (both laugh) – So what is, like, the
final plan with that? What are you doing with
that when it’s done? – No idea. – No idea? Just making it? – Yes. – Back to the homeschool room and now we’re getting started with math. Math is actually one of
my favorite subjects. I use to actually be a fifth grade teacher and I loved teaching fifth grade math. So this year, I get to teach first grade and third grade math. And we actually spend
a lot of time on math because there’s just so much to cover. Especially when you only
have three days to do it. If you think about at school, you have a full five days of math. We have a lot to squeeze
in when it’s our math time. You like math? You don’t like math? You’re pretty good at it. You should like math. What’s your favoring subject? – Hmm. – (laughs) Is it a tough question? Reading. – I like spelling. – Spelling? Mm, she’s a good a speller too. – Zero. 14. – I always start all of our
math lessons with flash cards. Maya does addition and subtraction. And Addy does multiplication, division because I am such an advocate for it. Ya have to know your math facts, it makes the whole rest of your
math career so much easier, if you know your math facts. I think I drive the girls crazy because I make you do flashcards
all the time, don’t I? – Yeah. – In bed we do flashcards, sometimes. Over the summer we do flashcards. We do flashcards a lot! How do you feel about that? (laughs) But you know what? You’ve had a lot of practice so you’re pretty good at them now. And it makes math so much easier
when you know those facts. So math works much the same
way that our other subjects do. While Maya and I are
busy working one-on-one at the table, Addy is
back at her desk working on some math activities independently. So what is some of the stuff you’re doing on your own over here, Addy? – Multiplication machine. – Yeah, she has her multiplication machine and these multiplication keys, which are really cool! So the way it works, is you
do some division problems, or multiplication, or
subtraction, addition, with the strings. And then when, when you’re all the way done, you’re at the bottom, you can flip it over and
you can check your answer. Because you can see where all the strings should be laid out. So basically we’re all
working really hard on math for a little bit with me,
a little bit on their own and then we’re gonna
swap a couple of times and get through a lot of material. – I’m drawing two more
lollipops, ’cause it says to finish the number sentence
and find the next step. Eight, ten, twelve,
thirt-, twelve, fourteen. – [In Unison] 35 divided by five equals… – Seven.
– Seven. We’ve moved on to grammar now and as part of the girls grammar lessons, they learn poems that they have to recite. And Maya is to a part where, I think you’re ready to recite it. – Yeah. – Work by M.A. Ssss. – [Lucy] Stodart. – Stodart. Work while you work, play while you play, this is the way to be happy each day. – [Lucy] All that you do. – All that you do, do with your might, things done by halves,
are never done right. – Good job Maya, I’m proud of you. She out, this is her
second poem she’s learned to recite, her second one
was about a caterpillar. Now I’m working with Addy on grammar and Maya actually went to work
on getting her room clean. I’m gonna go check on her and see if she’s actually
cleaning her room. Are you cleaning in here? – Yeah. – Yeah, it’s an awful mess Miss Maya. Puttin’ the stuffed animals away? – Yes and I got my chair messy. – Okay. Gonna get our grammar done. – [Addy] Yes. Maya’s gonna finish her room and then, after grammar. – Lunch! – Lunch time! All right, we’re checking back in on you in just a second Maya. – [Maya] K. – Let’s see if she makes any progress. – Yes. – Maya’s a very slow room cleaner. – [Addy] Yes and she. – [Maya] I heard that! (Lucy laughs) – The Land of Nod by
Robert Louis Stevenson. From breakfast on through all the day at home among my friends I stay, but every night I go abroad Afar into the land of Nod. – (Lucy whispers) Do I hear Maya coming? I heard you, are you done? – No. – I can’t imagine your
room is spotless yet. – It isn’t. – Can you go work on it some more? – Hmm. – So if we’re not gonna
work on cleaning our room, let’s come work on some reading. So why don’t you grab a book to read while I finish up grammar with Addy. Probably one of the hardest
parts about homeschooling, for me, other than the
amount of time it takes, is just the adjustment of, I guess, getting the girls to realize that I’m their teacher right
now, I’m not their mom. And so, there are several
times a day probably, where I have to tell the kids, hmm, would you say that to Miss Crawford or would you behave
that way for Miss Davis? And so, we have to keep reminding them that I’m teacher right
now and you need to behave for me, exactly how you would behave for your teacher in school. – All by myself I have to go, with none to tell me what to do, all alone besides the streams and up the mountain-sides of dreams. The strangest things are there for me, both things to eat and things to see. And many frightening sights abroad ’till morning in the land of Nod. Hey, Maya, what are you getting for lunch? Your Lunchable? – Mm-hmm. – I am too. – So after about two
hours of math and grammar, it is on to lunch time. I am starving, I think the girls are too. What are you girls eating for lunch? – [In Unison] My Lunchable! – Lunchables, oh my goodness. There were a couple kids at their school that had Lunchables and
so the girls have been begging and begging for Lunchables. So I bought them a couple
of times for the girls. Now, they’re not what I
would prefer for lunch, but the girls get really
excited about them so we let them have them occasionally and today is the day. I have to admit, when I was a kid, I loved the idea of Lunchables too. And was so excited when I
actually got to have one, so I get it, it’s super exciting for kids. Just not what I would
prefer to eat for lunch. – Quack, quack, quack. – Well now you’ve had a
little bit of a glimpse into what our homeschooling
day looks like. After lunch, we’re gonna
go do our vocabulary and we have spelling left to do. And then we usually do a reading lab, we’re reading through Little House on the
Prairie books together. And then that’s it for
most of our schooling. Then we have a homeschool
gymnastics class. I think we’re gonna leave you right now and thank you for watching. Homeschooling’s been goin’
pretty good for us, so far. We’re about a month and a half in, I don’t know if we’re
gonna do it long-term. We’re doing it for this year and we’ll see what next year brings, but it seems to be working for us for the time being. So we hope you are enjoying
school this year, kiddos. We’re enjoying school and
we’ll see ya next time. Thank you for watching What are we gonna say? – [Girls in Unison] XOXO. – XOXO, thank you so much
for joining us today. We’ll see you guys next time and be sure to subscribe to. – Tic Tac Toy and Tic Tac Toy Family. – Exactly! You can follow us on Instagram
at Tic Tac Toy Family, and on Facebook, and you
can check us out on Roku. We have an app where you can watch all of our Tic Tac Toy videos without interruption from other channels. Pretty cool, (laughs)
see you guys next time. – Bye! (upbeat music)

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