December 28, 2019 0

Optician Sans – new free font

People have been looking at this
identity for decades. A 10 letters uncompleted alphabet seen by millions
when testing their visual acuity by an optician. Optician Kay Louise Sloane
created these letters in 1959 as a successor to the Snellen chart, produced
a hundred years before that since then they’ve been limited to these 10 letters.
Up until now. We based the typeface on the same 5×5 grid as the original ophtho
type letters and completed the full alphabet including numbers and special
characters. We optimized and fine-tuned all characters finalizing the work that
was started decades ago making it a fully functional typeface based on the
10 letter eye chart. Optician Sans connects the optician k brand directly
to the craft of the optometrist and is now made available for everyone.

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