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OnlyOneOf (온리원오브)|저희 아이돌 그룹 최초로 구글 방문했어유튜브! 🎉

OnlyOneOf (온리원오브)|저희 아이돌 그룹 최초로 구글 방문했어유튜브! 🎉

Here we are Google Korea HQ OnlyOneOf is the very first Kpop boyband
who visited Google Korea HQ We are in the basement OnlyOneOf
just wanted to visit
Google I can’t believe that I visit Google HQ I mean Korea HQ We did YouTube live We are the very first Kpop boyband who visited Google Korea HQ Google’s elevator is totally different from other The elevator material is made of marble When we go up to Google
we need to change the elevator You mean the elevator transfer system Just transfer We arrived Wow awesome [CON] Entering Google Korea [GRATS] I’m a huge fan of Google Wearing a nameplate… Hello We’re OnlyOneOf We’ll make it Thank you x7 We’re going to eat lunch from 12:30pm Anyway we need to eat something Before doing it! Self-promotion in Google – Mission: Promote

– How to: When you read the lyrics of ‘dOra maar’
Please translate in English or
give any keywords which you remind the lyrics of if It’s a great chance to promote the contest
to the Google staff! You look afraid I’m scared if you get angry It’s the great time to show your talents of a leader (?) Let’s go (shy…) Hello We’re OnlyOneOf This is Love
This is Rie Giving ceremony of OnlyOneOf’ life first business card (business card) It’s very new receiving the idol group’s business card We feel the same way We’re doing
(Brochure 1,2) Prize money! Don’t be shocked Please join it
If you want to earn lots of money You can quit your job
(Very personal opinion) Now we’re ready for promoting (Promoting…) He made it How do we get to the staff first? If we met the Korean staff? Excuse me? (A good beginning is half the battle)
Let’s start Hello We’re OnlyOneOf (Mill) (KB) Thank you for having us We thought we are also Google staff Please look forward to us This is OnlyOneOf – dOra maar This song is about Picasso’s lover Please listened to it We heard that most of Google Staff are good at English! We’re doing the contest If you translate dOra maar’ lyrics to English and then upload on YouTube If you are good at it (Earning) ₩100,000,000 (Earning) $100,000 You can see our SNS channel
via QR code Please join it If we try this, it might take about 24 hours (It’s real) You did a really great job! Not a gift I give a chance to do it again We’ve been working hard to make songs Also we’re going to try good music Please look forward to it Thank you We’re OnlyOneOf Thank you Please subscribe to our YouTube channel Thank you Do you want to check it out? – Is it good?
– Yes I think it’s good How do I express ‘swallow up’? Her pronunciation is good I thought I’m in the USA Is it ‘A cursive letter’? It feels diffrent We will give a prize money It’s almost ₩120,000,000 in Korea currency You Only Live Once I’m going to subscribe Thank you We’re doing
If you make an English lyrics about dOra maar ₩10,000,000,000 ₩1,000,000,000 We’ll give $100,000 I heard that most of Google Staff are good at English! They’re already speaking in English Their pronunciation is really good Promoting You got cool hair You guys did a great job We made it All of staff was so kind they had lunch Even though I went and asked for a favor They were willing to accept it I think it was kind of excuse but they welcomed We really appreciate it Good Google! Nice YouTube! You have to join ‘YouTube premium’ There is a recruitment notice Why do you explain it? (I think I’m already Google staff) We’ve got keywords from the staff They were too kind We felt sorry because they had lunch We L♡VE G♡♡GLE We L♡VE G♡♡GLE & Y♡U TUBE We promoted well If someone who’s watching this clip You can join Please support us You earn $100,000 Yes YOU ARE YOU CAN BE THE WINNER I gotta go to eat Me too Bye

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