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online arabic courses

Free online Arabic Lessons. In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. May Allah`s peace , mercy and blessing be upon you Dear Brothers and Sisters. I hope that Everything Goes well in your life. i am here today to Congratulate You. We just Finish Two Levels in Learning Arabic. And it’s your Turn Now To Practise and hard work. Ok,Let’s make a Revision. I uploaded that File Week ago. I Ask all Arabic teachers in the world To add more links to that file. it’s our Duty To Spread the Language of the Noble Quran. In Level One We talked about How to install arabic language in Windows Xp
&Windows 7 and how to type Arabic in your Keyboard. Ok Lesson one Was about install arabic Language in your Pc. That link To watch that Lesson in my Youtube Channel. Just Double Click. And in Some Lessons You Will Find a Link In MediaFire To Download that Lesson. Then We talked about How to install Arabic Language in your Pc Without Windows Cd. Check if Arabic language installed in your Pc or Not ?!. Next Lesson Was about How To install Arabic Language in Windows Seven. Solve Arabic Letters Problem With Windows Seven. How To Use English Arabic Dictionary. How To Use Online Dictionary. Arabic Alphabet with 28 Words Application. In Lesson Five We talked about How to make a program To PRONOUNCE Any Arabic Words. Program To PRONOUNCE Any Arabic Words or Text. How to Type arabic in your Keyboard. Total Lessons in Level One : 11 Lessons. Level Two. There are more than 25 lessons about VOCABULARY. Many Thanks To Ahmad Deedat and Heba Alex. In every lesson you will find a link To Download all pictures used in that lesson so you can Download and PRACTICE. You can write or Draw arabic Words and in your free time you can Scream or sing that words .Yeah ! Your Tongue Really Need it to get used to Arabic language. More Online Courses. Learn arabic Language By Sheik Yusuf Estes. More lessons please visit :- Madina Free course ..More Than 100 Hours. Download Madina course from that link. Sakhr Free online Course. so what less you ? Welcome Ramadan. The Month of the Noble Quran. Ramadan Kareem May allah SWT Forgive our sins and accept our prayers ..Ameen ya Rab. Maybe you Noticed that i uploaded some lessons in mediafire then stopped doing that Due to the lack of time. Many people asked me To Upload the rest of lessons. Ok i will show you how To Download my lessons From my Youtube Channel in internet Explorer,Firefox and Youtube Downloader. Let’s start with Youtube Downloader. I put all links in my Blog. Download You tube Downloader. Install Youtube Downloader. As you see it’s so simple program and don’t need any EXPLANATION. All you have to do just Go to Youtube and Get Video URL. Let’s Take an Example. Copy Video URL From Here. Or from Share. Notice that your link will Automatically Appear here without Past it. Choose where to save your Video. Click Download. That your video Download Progress. Second Program is IDM (Internet Download Manager). In Firefox. We have To Download Two Add ons. Download Helper. DownloadThemAll. Install Download Helper. You Will Find three moving Balls and beside them Small Rectangle. All video RESOLUTIONS. After your Download completed ,Right click and choose Open Directory. Allah with you ! Take care See you

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