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Omar’s Story | An Arabic Speaker Helps in Wisconsin

Omar’s Story | An Arabic Speaker Helps in Wisconsin

This is a story from Be My Eyes. My name is Omar Wasfy. I’m originally Egyptian, but I live in Canada. I currently live in the US for a bit, I’ve
been working for a few months here now. I’m an Industrial Engineer. I’m very active on Twitter. Someone retweeted a tweet that had the Be My Eyes, and they explained what the app is about,
and I really loved the idea. I just downloaded the app, and I try to spread
the word here and there to people I know. I speak two languages, English and Arabic. All my experiences were in Arabic, just one
was in English. Mostly they were short ones, like they wanted
me to read a certain thing on their computer, or they had like two or three books, and they
wanted a specific book title. I’ve had a couple that I spend maybe over
half an hour with. I helped someone… Basically they were on their laptop
and they were reinstalling Windows. He was asking me about something specific,
and then he was like: “OK, thank you”, and I’m like: “Are you sure you’re OK? You don’t want me to keep going until the
desktop background appears?” “Are you sure you’re OK with that?”,
and I’m like: “Yeah absolutely”, and I helped him for like half an hour. I helped him get all set up on his computer. Me as a person, generally
I really like helping people, I’ve done all kinds of volunteering. I think that whenever I’m feeling down or
I’m bored or whatever, and then I get a call, and I help someone, it really
changes my mood completely. I feel like I’m adding value directly to people, and they’re very appreciative for a very little thing. It means so much for them, and it’s just
something that we take for granted everyday, you know, simple things like that. It gives you that sense of satisfaction, which
personally is what makes me happy. Adding value or helping people in general,
it makes me forget about everything, and I just really really get an
amazing sense of satisfaction. My brother is a Software Manager at Amazon. When I told him about Be My Eyes,
he thought it was a very great idea, and it opened my eyes to app
ideas that are more people-oriented. This was a Be My Eyes story. If you liked it, please share and subscribe
to our YouTube channel.

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