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Old South Asian coins from India and Pakistan

Old South Asian coins from India and Pakistan

so hello people hang it going and type a
new package and he has Indian coins let’s see what he got
oh and the 100 frame banknotes from France is just a cover my dress I’ll do
another video on those banknotes later okay so these are the coins are gone
they’re all Muslim Islamic Sultan’s of India except for these three here and
here we have this is 11 727 so this one is a mobile rupee of Aurangzeb and from
the Surat mint and that is 11 17 that’s a H so the dike thing and a regular you know maybe five that should be the right
way near there so here is the river yeah Subin as you have another coin from
Muhammad SAW and it’s free who year seven done because doesn’t have a date
on it looks like one one something take this up there and he said there’s a
rupees they just silver coins and during the mobile area anyone could take in
just boolean silver and get it coined some any type of denomination I wanted
of course the media took a cat which went to the government and that will
stop by the British in 1880’s to increase the value of the rupee so
increasing the value of silver because it’s taxable quite that time okay so we
have some coins of the – one per Sultan’s so these coins are of the one
first all tonight and these for all the same any from Hussain Shah yes look at
that beautiful coin okay should be read that way so there you go you want to
read the closing script Eddie’s day at the top is Shah I can actually read this
I have to work on this use this Islamic coins up quite nice because they are a
calligraphy is beautiful okay now we have another coin oh I’ve
mean Nagar Sultan’s this is a me some Shah one follows no sorry this one’s a
classism doing tankers because of divine beautiful even this is a missing child and it is a quite a big coin as you can
see chunky this will disarm this only big for us
these on people in less than 20 percent silver here I have a phone here I have a amazing coin it is quite a nice coin I
like that that might be one of the Muhammad rule was not too sure who it is
anyway I might have video on those coins before
can we all have this coin here of Delhi Sultanate – bleep – look I can’t really
pronounce it I’m not too sure look sure – Danny I can either base metal this is
a billion coins along with thousands as well show the other side you’re made
Arabic probably understand so even though Arabic as script is quite messy
on coins and it doesn’t really follow the normal guidelines of Arabic or
Persian it’s meant to be stylistically pleasing and the last kind of have here
is a Western subscripts over these are about 1700 years old around here on the
king’s head is supposed to be today so I have to work that out myself
jamie has his ports right here it’s quite a nice own portray these were also
used by the Gupta Empire except on the Guptas this symbol here was changed so
you free you free those here might be water and around here you have the
inscription with the Kings I mean the Maharaja
Farzana after look at camp member maybe I do video needs to the point good head
is higher in there this is this one’s a lot more intact the whole script thing a
lot of my ever coin and so add layers one of my favorite my favorite act these
two and means a scene in western sit straight okay so that’s a new coin that
I got today let me know which one you like and let me know down below if you
can read any thank you very much give it a thumbs up if you like these
coins and subscribe to my channel more importantly have a beautiful coin day

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